First Picture

I finally uploaded the picture of my wife sunbathing topless.
It reminded me the exact shape, color end smell of her breasts that day. It made me remember how they look when it's warm, the nipples growing larger, the **** getting softer...
The picture turns me crazy, with her large pink areolas framed by the tanlines. I hope you'll enjoy it!

sarkosarko sarkosarko
31-35, M
13 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I hope so too! If I get to see her I'll let you know for sure!!

Please add me :)

Would love to see

after seeing your wife in the thin see through shirt, I'd love to see her topless. I just love her nipples!

would love to see, please add =)

would love to see; pls add me

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Love those puffy nips, thanks for showing.

love the nips!

Her **** are perfect...I love her soft,puffy nipples and her fading tan line. She didn't get sunburned boobs,did she? It would be a shame if her nipples were too sunburned to play with!

She's beautiful! You're a lucky guy and I'm glad you guys have so much fun together

nice ****!

She looks great.....