When I am asked or encouraged to take my top off at the beach, I feel like Im going to explode with excitement.  The feeling at first when the top is removed is soo exciting, when you get the courage to walk around or even 'run' down to the water is pure bliss.. Breasts bounce, and feel free, nipples get erect - men stare - Every nerve ending in my body feels like it is about to explode!  The jiggle of a womans breasts is so beautiful to see and yet so thrilling to feel and experience.  I love showing my breasts, I feel my shoulders go back further so my breasts stand proud and tall and for all to view!  Please share you stories with me!

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My wife has been topless many times both on the beach, at home on the deck and fully nude at a nudist resort. She had huge boobs. I love it!

It IS a wonderful sight on any beach!

My wife used to go topless when we went on vacation somewhere that we didn't know anyone. She had 38D boobs and she was one to show them off any chance she had. Not sure who of us was more turned on by this but it worked out well for both of us. I enjoy it when other men & women check out my wifes **** and know that they are thinking about playing / sucking on them.

My girlfriend sometimes takes off her bikini top. It turns me mad, mix of fear and excitation... I don't know which of us is more excited when she does it. But I totally understand your enthusiasm. And I totally approve your advice concerning the beauty of jiggling breasts, especially when a woman walks.
Please go on with your great stories and add me as a friend!

My wife has said she would go topless on a beach if there were several women doing the same. We haven't had the chance yet, but it would be very exciting to see! Thanks for the image!

Being the only woman topless has its advantages‚ô•

I love tanning nude to but go to secluded parts behind dunes occasionally I get made omg what a feeling and sometimes they sit down and watch me for hours

Have you been tried a nude beach, yet? Would that double your thrill? It's actually a very comfortable feeling. I think Nudydude would confirm that.

it is all about freedom.

i totally agree with u, i believe that women should be proud of there breasts and to be topless just as men do normally. so how if they are amazing breast just like yours.

why do i and other women feel it is wrong for me to want to see and enjoy women breast?? i am a 54 year old man in a wheel and have never seen breast. is there a woman willing it show me her?

My wife took her top off for the first time on a beach in Cape Hatteras. All it took was a suggestion from me and a little time to scope out the area and imagine herself without a top. She said no at first, but once she looked around and got herself used to the idea, she reached back and untied her bikini top strings. It was heavenly to watch her unwrap her presents! Her nipples were perky, so I believe it must have been a turn on for her to expose her breasts in public. She was shy at first, but then watching her slowly and deliberately lather them up was amazing. It's as if she was saying, "OK, here they are. You wanna look? Go right ahead and check out these ample C-cups with the half-dollar sized nipples." Throwing the shoulders back to let them stick out there is the best part! Then she laid down on her reclined beach chair with her breasts facing straight up on display. Pure Heaven.

I would surely love to be there to watch you run down to the water topless.

I agree with you. I get excited everytime. Nipples get very erect. I love the attention. lol

I love that feeling that I'm being naughty, but that it's perfectly OK and socially acceptable. I've been topless or nude on beaches many times, but it's still more fun with an appreciative audience.

I think you just like seeing all the mens' d-icks get hard, and the anticipation of getting all that man meat in you is so exciting. What are you going to do when a good looking man aproaches you with a hard on and lets you know he wants to f-uck you. I know what Babs does when she shows her t-its, she f-ucks the first, second, etc, guy that tells her he wants his meat in her, right there on our blanket, sometimes next to me. Now that;s the reason she gets all excited about showing her bare top; it's bait for all c-ummers.

mmmm im sure nude dude with your sexy **** swaying too and fro

The first time I took my wife to Orient Beach in St Maarten she told me she was not going to take anything off. By noon she said she would not take off her bottoms as she strut about topless. Later that day she said she wanted to shave her ***** so she would look better the next day when she went nude.<br />
She trimmed it to a landing ***** only and would go out of her way to walk past men she thought looked sexy wanting to give them an eyeful.<br />
After that she was addicted to beach nudity

Bare and be proud!<br />
Other women will be jealous of your courage and other men will love the sight of you.

I bet it does feel good too bad men cannot experience the same thing but it is nice to look and realize that the girl is doing this because she wants to.<br />
<br />