First Time Topless


I didn’t really know how I would feel seeing my wife take her top off in public before she did it. But she said she fancied going topless before we went abroad and of course I support her (and it sounded quite sexy to me..). Nevertheless the anticipation of getting to a beach where toplessness was allowed got my heart racing.We got there, found a place to lie down, and she removed her clothes down to her bikini.

After a couple moments uncertainty she untied the strings at the back and took her top off over her head. The sight of her beautiful bare breasts in the sun got me quite aroused!  Watching the suncream being applied, me rubbing it into her back without having to negotiate straps, and seeing her sit/lie with her lovely boobs in full view of everybody around was quite exciting. The fact that she was so confident in her own body (and she does look fantastic topless) was very sexy. The sight of her lying on her back, on her front propped up reading, or sitting and watching the scenery was great, mostly because she was topless.

Once my "excitement" had gone down- you know what i mean- we went walking and swimming- fantastic privilege to be with someone so beautiful and sexy. I didn’t mind the admiring glances from the men around, in fact it felt good to see that others found her hot too. I think she loved the experiences of having no top on all that week, and we have some very sexy photos of the time on the beach!

Why is it that for your wife to walk around topless at a beach is enjoyable, even though I guess most guys wouldn't want their special lady to enter a wet t shirt contest or similar?

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3 Responses Jan 12, 2010

Wonderful. Jim loves it when I get the chance to go topless. I need his encouragement everytime. Shy I guess. lol

My husband loves for me to go topless too. The more open and confident I am, the better he likes it. He says its hard to describe why it's such a turn on for him. He says he doesn't think of me as being slutty, but it's more like I'm being intimate in a way with other guys, by showing off. But since nothing physical happens with them, it's really very innocent. It's that combination of naughty but nice that really gets him, and me, excited. I have an OK body, but it's not that fantastic. But he says I'm so gorgeous that it would be a shame not to share the view with the world. Bless his flattering heart!

I like ur story. I;ve had similar experiences with several girlfriends now. Its great!