A New Experience.

A couple weeks ago we invited a couple out to dinner with us. They were a younger couple that I meet through a Technology convention. Chris and I hit it off right away and have been friends for about 2 years now. We never invited people we know into our lives. When I was ******* my girlfriend I asked her if she would consider inviting Chris and his wife into our lives. She was reluctant, however she does have a soft place for the nerdy guys, (Lucky me).

Chris and I have talked about my life style and how good it was. I told him its not for everyone and if he relates sex to love then its not good to try it. His girlfriend was a nice looking brunette decent rack but a great ***. Every time I have met her she is wearing a pencil skirt and doesn’t hide the cleavage. She is a high school English teacher which only adds to the fantasy. Chris has told me that he thinks if his wife were exposed to the lifestyle she would be into it.

I setup a dinner a date with Chris and his wife. We went out to a nice restaurant that I knew the owner. I called and told him me and girlfriend and two others would be joining us for dinner and we would need a booth. My girlfriend loved to go out to restaurants and tease the waiters. She would conveniently drop her napkin or silverware and pick it up completely exposing her panty clad *****.

We sat in the booth opposite each other. My girlfriend is wearing a white and black knee length skirt with a slit up the side white thigh high stockings, and a pair of black sling backs. Her **** look like two bubbles under her tight black top. We talked about normal stuff to a little while and then my girlfriend brought up sex. Chris and his wife we open to talking about it. I found that Jeannette was very sheltered about sex. Her idea of a good time was going to bed and having sex and going to sleep.

That is actually a good thing because she can be molded to like newer things. I slipped my hand down my girlfriends legs letting my fingers run over the stockings tops. The lace always turns me on. Letting my **** get hard under my pants was not easy to hide as I rubbed her inner thigh. Letting my fingers slip under the lace. I slide her white panties to the side and fingered her *****, the whole while she was holding the conversion with the other couple.
She asked Jeannette how she would feel about seeing Chris with another woman. She was not totally against the idea but was not totally into the idea either. I excused myself and motioned to Chris to follow me out for a cigarette. I knew if left the girls alone my girlfriend would get the job done. We talked about a plan. I told him to sit next to my girlfriend and I would sit next to his wife. I told him to just go with whatever happens but if you want out let me know.

We returned to the table I sat next to Jeanette and he sat next to my girlfriend. I started by placing my hand on her leg, asking if that was ok. She sat silent but said nothing. I could see my girlfriend move her hand over to Chris’s crotch. Moving it back and forth to trace the outline of his ****. I look at Jeanette who was looking at my girlfriend rubbing her husband’s ****. I slide her skirt up a bit to expose he bear thigh. I started rubbing the inside of her leg. With each motion getting closer and closer to her now hot *****. I could feel the heat coming off her ***** and could tell there was some moisture. I motioned to my girlfriend to move to the next level. I could see her unzip his pants and was now stroking his **** under the table. The waiter came by and collected out dinner dishes and offered us dessert. I told him we would have a couple drinks and ordered a bottle of Gran Patron Tequila and some salt and limes.

Nothing is more erotic as licking slat off someone else. The drinks came and I told my girlfriend to put some slat on her hand and let Chris take a shot. I then did the same to Jeanette. I could tell she was very turned on probably ready for anything at that point. I then put salt my neck and had her take a shot. I told Chris to do the same. The restaurant was nearly empty now only the wait staff watching us from their stations. The night progressed on till about 11. Chris was now licking and taking shots out of her cleavage and she was starting to give him friendly kisses on the mouth and licking his ear.
We were pretty drunk by now. I started to run my fingers up Jeanette’s inner thigh lightly rubbing her panties with my fingers. I could see her eyes fixed on Chris as he licked salt off the top of my girlfriends ****. She would put the lime in her mouth and make him kiss her to get it. I placed Jeanette’s hand on my **** her fingers working their way down my shaft trying to find the end. I instructed her to join me outside for a cigarette.

While outside I asked her how she felt about what was about to happen. She was nervous I could tell but excited to see how the night would end. I pulled he close to me and kiss her moving my tongue in and out of her mouth to suggest how I would eat her *****. She told me how she was looking forward to seeing my **** and if it would fit.

I handed my ticket to the valet to get my car and sent Chris a text telling him it was time to go. They exited the restaurant and the car pulled up. I had both the girls sit in the back with Chris while I drove. My **** girlfriend wasted no time getting his pants undone and stroking his ****. They took turns sucking his **** on the way home. My girlfriend’s skirt hiked up exposing her stockings. Chris’s hand was working on her ***** while his wife sucked his ****. She kissed him hard and fast as we pulled into the driveway. We walked inside and sat down on the sofa. It was a wraparound I sat next the Jeanette and Chris next to my girlfriend.

I told the girls to remove their panties on put them on the table. They did as ordered and then I challenged Chris to race to see who get the other girl off first. My girlfriend leaned back on the couch exposing her ***** to Chris. Without hesitation he put his face in her ***** and started licking it. I pushed Jeanette back on the couch and started to lick her *****. Working the **** for about 5 minutes and then I could hear my girlfriend start to ***. I look over to see her arch her back and grind her ***** on his face she screamed out how good it felt. Jeanette moaned with joy as I licked her ***** and stopped and told Chris that he won.

I told Jeanette to go over and help my girlfriend. His throbbing **** still stuck in his pants. My girlfriend undid his zipper and let loose his ****. It sprang up and she took it deep in her mouth. Slurping up and down on his shaft she stopped and guided Jeanette’s head down to his ****. She put her *** in the air and took long gentle strokes with her mouth up and down his ****. I watched for a while as she sucked his **** and my girlfriend played with her ***** opposite Jeanette. I approached Jeanette from the back and gently slid my **** in her *****. She paused for a second and then continued. I matched her stokes and with my. Pushing my **** deep in her *****, picking up speed slowly. I was thrusting my **** in her so hard she was having trouble keeping up. I could tell she was enjoying it as she moaned with each thrust. We changed positions so my girlfriend could put her ***** on Chris face and faced toward me.

I ****** Jeanette as my girlfriend watched me as she was getting her ***** eaten. Her huge **** bouncing as she moved back and forth on his face. I grab Jeanette by the hair and pull her head up as I **** her. My girlfriend takes Chris’s **** in her mouth. I feel Jeanette *** as my **** becomes soaked and her inner thighs have juice running down them.

My girlfriend climbs on his **** reverse cowgirl, placing his hands on his knees I move Jeanette out of the way to stick my **** in my girlfriends mouth. I force **** her face making her gag on ****. She opens her throat to take all of it in her mouth. Jeanette licking and sucking on my balls as they slap her face. She turned out to be a good little ****. Chris tells my girlfriend he wants to ****. He stands her up and bends her over the coffee table. Her **** swinging as he pounds her *****. I turn Jeanette around and slowly lower her on my ****. I whisper in her ear how good he looks ******* my girlfriend. She slowly moved up and down on my **** I grab her **** and tweak her nipples. Chris is ******* my girlfriend so hard as I look into her eyes I see them roll up In her head as she ****.

She falls limp on the table. She spreads her *** cheeks and tells him to **** her in the ***. Chris lowers his **** in her ***. Jeanette stops to watch. I rub her **** as she watch Chris slowly **** my girlfriend in the ***. As he ***** her *** harder and harder Jeanette bounces on my **** as if in completion.
Jeanette leans forward kissing my girlfriend as they kiss I hold her *** up and **** her *****. Thrusting my **** deep and rapid. She **** again telling me to stop as she cant take anymore. Chris tell my girlfriend he is about to ***. I order both girls to the floor. Me and Chris stand over them stroking our ***** and letting our *** fly on their faces. My girlfriend licks the *** from Jeanette’s mouth as they make out.

She tell Jeanette how good his **** felt and she returns to gesture. We get ourselves cleaned up and they leave to head home. Lying in bed that night my girlfriend tells me we will have to do that again.
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Again indeed!!!