My Girlfriends Pregnant

I just found this site a couple days ago and have been exploring it when I came across this group and I wanted to share.

I'll start with a little background me and my Girlfriend met at work and both of us had just gotten out of relationships and started hanging out together every now and then but we always kept our distance. well one night we went out drinking with some friends and we both went back to my place to just watch some movies and sleep it off. We didnt watch a movie or sleep and she got pregnant around the time this happened and told me it could be mine or her roomate. We got together after that and have been together for a year now and have a beautiful baby girl.

I i am pretty wild and so is my girlfriend but she is religious and doesn't believe in birth control witch is how my fantasy of her getting pregnant by another man started. We signed up on a website and we eventually found a guy that we liked and explained to him up front how she felt about things and he was okay with it. after talking a bit more we all meet up at a hotel room for the night. He is a black man currently enlisted in the army with about a 7'' ****. before we met with this man i joked with her about getting pregnant to him and she looked me right in the eye and asked me if i wanted that. Come to find out she wanted a black child at some point in her life. We all met up that night and got down to business and we both put 3 loads of *** in my girlfriends wanting *****. we did this with him once more but she didn't get pregnant. she stopped seeing him after that because he became demanding and wanted more of a relationship.

After about a month we met another guy on this site and he was nice and didn't want a relationship so we talked to him about things but didn't reveal as much being more cautious this time around. A couple weeks went by and we all decided to meet up. We had dinner and then went and got a hotel room, once we were there my gf sat on the edge of the bed and pulled my pants off and started to suck my already hard **** while she got naked as he watched us. I pushed her back on the bed and pulled her pants off and started licking and eating her ***** sliding my fingers in to her sweet honey pot and bringing her to the first ****** of the night. I got on the bed and she got on her hands and knees as the black man walked over and she pulled his **** out and he was bigger than the other guy witch i thought was impressive. I slide my hard throbbing **** into my gf and started ******* her pushing her to suck on his black **** with every thrust. after a couple mins we re arranged and me and her were laying on our side and I continued to **** into my gf while she sucked on his **** and I thrust into her hard and buried myself balls deep in her tight ***** as I filled her with ***. the we switched positions and he mounted her missionary style and started ******* her slowly cause he was much bigger. I watch his black **** dissappear in to her spread little ***** and it was just so erotic watching my gf get ****** by that **** while she sucked on my **** like a horny ****. He was big but didn't last maybe 5 mins before he thrust his **** into her and deposited his load in her fertile *****. that was about 8 weeks ago and she is pregnant and it is mine or his.

if its mine I told her next one she has will be a black mans cause I wanna see it to.
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Damn that's hot! I love to see my wife get nailed bareback when shes fertile. I cant explain it but I love to see a dude deposit his load deep inside her. We don't like black guys but love young white males. We currently regularly meet a young couple and the guy nails my wife every time bareback. I cant wait till he gets her pregnant. SO extremely hot to think this dude with a huge 8 inch tool is gonna breed my wife.

she likes the black guys im fairly indifferent myself. Right now though I have a guys wife staying with me for a week so she can get pregnant. we have a lot of fun and she has sent her husband videos even. It is always a turn on to be on the giving or recieving end.

WE are going next weekend to let Jon (the young guy) breed my wife good bareback. I cant wait to see him start breathing hard, groaning and finally bury his **** in her real deep and watch his body tremble as he unloads a huge 22 year old load of ***. When he pulls his big 8 inch **** out I wanna see tons of *** start dripping down her leg. Cant wait

sounds pretty hot, wish I was there to help.

Love it and if you read our stories, you will see that the ***** of the lover sometimes wins. Love, Tina and John.

All I can say after reading this story is you & your Gf are ******* amazing!!! you two really have something special & it makes me happy to know that there are couples like you out there that make life interesting & worth living. keep up the fun & I hope you guys get to have your black baby :)<br />
<br />
<br />
your friend<br />

My wife was ****** by four different men during her fertile period! One of these guys was a black man! She is knocked up right now and we will see what we get! She is hoping to have a black baby to raise as our own! See our pictures of her belly bump!!!

That sounds awesome. My gf didn't want pictures.

How far along Is your girl friend pregnant now is she showing yet. Very hot story just love it thank you for sharing it.

She just had some medical complications and miscarried the baby. It was mine so she is aiming for a black one now

Oh I am so sorry to hear that it's very sad good luck on trying for blk baby next time let's us know the details when you do.

what is the update?

For sure let's us know if she had that black child would l love to know that very hot and erotic story thanks for sharing.

Great story. I hope it's him and that she has her first black child.