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Then My Topless Wife ******** Naked For My Friends

My wife and I were camping with friends and someone suggested that we all go skinny dipping. Several people, including my wife, said “ok” and "great idea" no one expressed any doubts or objections. However, when we started walking out of camp the other four wives/GF didn’t move. When asked what was going on the girls said “no way”. Husbands and BF tried to talk them into it but it was a no go.

After my wife said she was going to do it, it was skinny dipping or backing down. I thought she’d back down and I’m sure the other guys and their wives/GF were surprised when she left with us guys. My wife is usually modest, but occasionally she really surprises me. I then realized that agreeing to join four couples skinny dipping had suddenly turned into Karen being the only girl who might actually be nude for the guys. I wasn’t sure what to do so I decided to see how she’d handle it before I said anything. I’ve seen girls swim in their undies, but Karen wasn’t wearing a bra that weekend so if she went that far she’d be topless in wet panties. I didn’t believe she'd really do that in front of guys we knew.
 As soon as Karen saw the beach she casually removed her blouse. Perhaps Karen was afraid that she’d back out if she gave herself a chance to think about it because she quickly undressed. Before I knew it, Karen slipped off her panties and turned to face us. The guys enjoyed a delightful frontal view -- of my nude wife!!! After she went in we guys joined her in the water.
I was really embarrassed with Karen naked in front of guys we knew. Yet, I loved seeing her bare breasts bouncing on the water. I was so proud of her: she was so bold and so stunning. Surprisingly, I realized I started enjoying the guys see my wife naked!
Later I noticed two of the guys were standing next to her really checking her out. The water was a bit cold and it affected Karen’s nipples nicely. Seeing her hard erect nipples jetting out right under their noises and her exposed bush only inches away from their hands was embarrassing but also a turn‑on. Karen later told me that besides ogling her they discussed how great her breasts looked. So my wife was standing there naked as two of the guys talked about her nude body. They complemented her in detail on how nice her firm breasts and erect nipples looked. It was obvious to me that they were hoping they could somehow get the conversation to the point were they had a pretext to verify the firmness of her breasts, and maybe the sensitivity of her nipples, with a hands-on inspection. But nothing like that happened.
When she exited the cool water, nude, wet, with delightfully erect nipples, my friends were obviously again enthralled with the view.
After we got dressed another one of the guys showed up. The girls at camp must have told him what was going on and I’m sure he was disappointed to see Karen dressed and ready to leave. But my wife said he shouldn't go swimming alone and soon Karen was naked and back in the water! We all waited for them. When she exited the cool water, once again nude, wet with firm breasts and erect nipples, the guys were obviously again enthralled with the view. As for me, this time my naked wife was on display for an audience that was dressed for the whole show. None of the guys ever mentioned what happened that day to me. But every time I saw them I knew what we both were thinking.
 That day, I was hoping to see the other women naked but if they had come it wouldn’t have been the kind of anxious turnon I got by seeing my nude wife the center of attention. I’ve kind of gotten into this and since then she’s teased me about how I enjoy parading her around nude.
 I thought you’d like to read Karen’s feelings on that day. I got this e-mail at work:
 Yes, I remember being the only girl who went skinny dipping with the guys. I especially remember when Roger and Keith came over and stood right next to me.. Neither one could take their eye's off my breasts. They would stand there talking to me, but they never made eye contact. their eye's were glued to my breasts. I felt so beautiful and sexy realizing how much they wanted to touch me. I'm sure they would have given anything to lick and suck my nipples. which were "standing at attention" under their gazes. I know their wives would have had a fit if they'd seen the way their husbands couldn't take their eye's off me. Even now I get a rush thinking of it. My nipples are getting hard and I'm feeling a stiring you know where....

 If anyone knows why some of us guys like it when other guys see their wives topless or nude I’d like to read your opinio
scalawag101 scalawag101 46-50, M 25 Responses Jul 29, 2012

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Great story!!!!
Thank you very much for sharing!!!
I can't see any picture at all, though! (It might be bad internet connection)
We are nudists, and, in the summer we go to a nudist beach every weekend.
It took me 4 years to convince my wife into getting naked on the beach, and I remembert that day as one of the happiest days in my life.
That was more thatn 20 years ago, and although my wife is 50 now, she is very very very sexy and in great shape. I love when people look at her naked on the beach.
After some negotiating/convincing, sometimes she agrees to stroll with me along the beach, for a few laps, back and forth. I get so aroused, sometimes, that we have to stop and sit down, because my anatomy shows how excited I am to have my naked wife strolling in front of lots of people (some of them not naked) on the beach.

Sounds so HOT!!! Would you please add me...

Other wives would find in exciting too, if they could get over their shyness and just take it off when with friends.

Very nice post...sounds like everyone involved, had a great time! ;)

Yes, everyone had a great time that none of us would forget.

Yes! Thanks for sharing your experience :)

loved the story i know the feeling ilove watching men look at my wife also used to make me angry mow i enjoy it but i like it best when there are strangers some times they do more than look you know what i mean

your wife is sexy. i would love to go skinny dipping with her. her breasts in the pic are a delight. suckable.

If you did get that chance: I'm sure it would be an interesting time for both of you.

Again, another very hot story. Thanks.

Great story with a beautiful photo. Why do guys enjoy showing off their wives? They are proud of them, rather like showing off a new car. "It's mine and you can look!"

Lovely lady. It must have been a wonderful experience for her.

Lovely, would love to be your friend while your wife gets naked

Great story, and hot picture! I'd love to get my wife skinny dipping with a group of my friends!

It's a mutual pleasure actually...

So very nice.

Great body Karen!

Ive dreamed of it but not sure why she would never let anyone see her you are a very lucky guy and your wife is spectacular ;)

I often fantasise about this. Especially if she enjoys it. I love seeing my wife turned on, the thought of another man pleasuring my wife. Makes me so hot!

I can see why your friends were so excited, your wife is beautiful and has a great great body, please pass on my compliments x :o)

We have a heated pool and in the season we swim naked. Some of our friends join us. I find it exciting when she is close to the men and when they hug or explore. I suppose I would like them to go further, some of them have.

She is gorgeous...I have a similar story posted as well...would you please add me?

Hot wife! Happy for you! Would love my wife to do the same with my friends. I would definitely allow my friends to touch and lick her breasts. Such a turn on for me. My wife once lap danced on me wearing short denim dress with a zipper in the middle from top going down, without bra and undies. My friends said they saw her butt cheeks when she sat on me (she pulled her skirt up so she can spread her legs on me while she danced), then she pulled her zipper down to her navel ( her breasts were already out) so a lucky friend saw it. And unfortunately most of my friends were at the back. Too bad for them! Will post her naked body soon! Hopefully with a friend!

well karen does have a smoking hot body, i would so love to skinny dip with her anytime, i would so love to see those sweet *** bobing in the water and so do love hard nipple that stand out, karen i bet she was wishing that the two men would slide there fingers into her wet pusssy and for her to have one mouth on each nipple in front of your hubby,i would so love to have karen to sit on my face for a couple hours and for her to give me a lot of sweet ***** juice as i tongue **** her and give her a g spot ******* from my tongue,

I'd like to see you get your hands on her while she was naked.

very exciting to visulaize that scene i wished i had been there

When I was in my 20's, I had a girlfriend that loved to hike and camp naked, if there was water near by skinny dipping was normal. A few times we took another couple with us, we always told them we went to a remote place and if the weather was good we didn't wear much. The guys were always more nervous than the girls about being naked.

After we found a place to camp and set up the tent we would go for a hike, most of the time the other girls would go topless or naked with us, it was the guys that were Andrade of being caught.

I don't know the answer to your question but I feel quite the same about my wife's nudity on display. And hope my wife time to time feels nearly the same things Karen wrote about. She's fantastic by the way!

I am very much in to your liking. i too get some kind of strange and wonderful feeling , knowing that other guy had seen my wife topless or letting some other guy to peek in to her shirt. i hope we are not alone.

great story, wish i had been one of your friends. Has she done anything like it since?

Yes, she’s been naked for some guys including a few of my friends. A few guys even got their hands on her but it never went all the way.