****** In A Bar

I jumped out of the shower and stared at my body in the mirror. I could not help but smile at the image reflected back at me. My full C breasts stood at attention, curving into my trim waist and flaring back out around my round ***, trailing down my lean legs. Leaning forward I studied my large blue gray eyes which seemed to pop from my face as I lined them with a smoky eyeliner. I rubbed a creamy pinkish peach blush over my high cheekbones, my perfect skin needed no makeup and after I applied a glossy lipstick to my full lips all I had left to do was pick out an outfit.

I carefully picked out an outfit that would accentuate all of my best features. After pulling almost everything from my closet I decided on a sexy silvery sequined tube top that was cut so that my perfect cleavage showed out of the top and a hint of my stomach showed before my very low rise, very short skirt started. After I slipped on a pair of sexy 6 inch stilettos and gave my auburn hair a toss, I was ready to go.

I was meeting my friend Heather for dinner before we went out dancing at a particularly hot club. After a few drinks and a light dinner we were off to the new club in town. Although I had never been before, almost everyone at the marketing office I worked at had been, and said it was a great club, although a little crowded on the dance floor. We had gone early on purpose to miss most of the line and after only a fifteen minute wait we were in. Even though it was only 10:30 the bar was well over half full.

After our first drink Heather saw some friends that she wanted to say hi to and ran off while I decided to hit the dance floor. I did not mind dancing alone, in fact I preferred it, this way I did not have to worry about matching someone else’s moves. Ten minutes or so after I started dancing a very handsome guy came over and offered me a drink. I agreed and as we walked over to the bar in the middle of the dance floor I learned that his name was David. He offered me a shot and after we both downed a shot of Tequila we headed back out in the dance floor together, armed with double coke and vodkas.

As we started dancing I studied him, he really was gorgeous, black hair, cut a little long so that it hung shaggy around his face, deep green eyes, and a sharp jaw line. I smiled to myself, I had only been out on the dance floor and already had the hottest guy in the bar, from what I could see, dancing with me. As we grinded against each other, I could feel my nipples getting hard and my ***** getting wet.

We danced and drank for a few hours and I was drunk, it was a good thing we were dancing by the large pillars that speckled the dance floor so I could lean up against one anytime I felt a little off balance. Things had really heated up with David, I could tell that he was enjoying the closeness in which we had been dancing by his hard **** pressing up against my body as we danced. His hands kept drifting down to my *** and our lips were entwined. He broke our lip lock long enough to ask if I wanted to go back to his place. I shook my head and yelled over the loud music that I just wasn’t ready for that right now. He looked pissed, but a second later the look passed and he was back to his handsome self.

He was a little rough, in the way that he was dancing after I denied him. He would grind into I so hard it began to hurt me and instead of the light caresses and gentle squeezes of my *** that he had formerly been doing he was now roughly grabbing and mauling me, kissing me hard on the lips forcing his tongue into my mouth. Every few minutes he would ask if I wanted to get out of there and go someplace else, but I kept protesting until finally he was being so rough that I said I thought it was time for me to go home.

His formerly sweet green eyes turned stormy and he roughly grabbed my arm and pulled me back towards him, slamming me into the pillar that I had been using for support. He leaned forward and growled “I don’t think so” in my ear. He now had my pinned against the pillar and began to grope my **** through the sexy tube top. I looked around for Heather, but she was no where to be seen. No one around mw was paying any attention and even though I was shouting out for help no one could hear me over the booming music.

David started pinching my nipples through the shirt, and I wished that I had worn a bra. He slipped his hand down and brought it up underneath my tight shirt. He was groping my **** in his one hand and with his other one, had pinned my arms over my head. The whole time he was just staring at me with those green eyes. He had seemed so friendly at the beginning of the night, now he was frightening, I was worried about what was happening, but at the same time it did feel so good to have a man taking care of my body, even if he was being rough with me.

I decided in my mind that although I wasn’t happy with how he was acting, I could not really do much to stop the way that David was treating me so I might as well enjoy it. I leaned forward to meet his lips and we once again began making out. No sooner had we done this than David stopped groping my ****, and although he was still holding my hands, he seemed to have gone back to the way he was before I had tried to leave. We kept dancing and making out and I was starting to feel more at ease again when all of a sudden I felt David’s hand under my skirt.

I gasped and looked down, David was stroking up my leg with his free hand and still holding my very tired hands above my head with his other hand. My skirt was so short that he hardly had to lift my skirt up and he had access to my soaking *****. I had been looking forward to going home and relieving myself, but now I started to worry that someone else was going to beat me to the punch. I started struggling and David strengthened his grip on my wrists leaned forward and said “behave, I am going to teach you a lesson, you little whoring **** tease, you are nothing but a slutty ***** who likes to get a guy all pumped up and then laugh as you leave him standing there. Well not tonight, tonight you are going to learn a little lesson. You are going to learn that if you are going to act like a slutty ******* *****, that you are going to be a slutty little *****. I am going to **** your **** right here on the dance floor and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”

As he was saying all this he had pulled aside the sexy black lace thong I had chosen out earlier and was rubbing my ****. As much as I was horrified by his words, I had desperately needed a release and I could feel my ****** building as he twisted and pinched my **** roughly. I had never in my life been talked to or treated like David was treating me, and although it horrified me I was becoming more and more turned on. He suddenly stopped rubbing my **** and was parting the lips of my ***** with his fingers, without notice he rammed two of his fingers as far up my ***** as we would go and I yelped from pleasure and pain as he roughly fingered me.

I was so close to coming and he could tell he leaned forward once more “You really are a dirty ***** aren’t you? You are ******* getting off on me fingering you. Well it is my turn now, and no ******* dirty **** like yourself is going to stop me” With that he abruptly stopped and as I looked down I could see that he had unzipped his fly and pulled out a thick 9 inch ****. I swallowed, I had never had ****** a **** that big before and I began to panic again, I looked around for someone who might be seeing what was happening, but no one was paying any attention to my. I was going to get ****** on the dance floor.

He pulled his **** under my skirt and I could feel the head push at the opening of my *****. Then without warning he slammed all nine inches into my wet ****. He started ******* my in time to the music so that anyone just watching would think that we were just dancing closely. Unfortunately for I it was a particularly fast song and in order to keep the rhythm David would pull out and slam back into my at a very hard fast rate matching the beat of the techno like song. He had grabbed a handful of my hair and was pulling at it painfully with the hand that was not holding my.

I could feel my ***** beginning to get raw from the fast beat that he was keeping, and yet I could feel my ****** building again. As I tried to keep struggling against him, I was getting more and more turned on by his rapid ******* and at last I could not hold out any longer and I started ******* all over his hard ****. As soon as he felt my tight ***** contracting against his **** he could no longer hold it in and began pumping load after load of his hot **** into my wet sticky ****. After he had every last drop emptied into my he zipped his pants back up left, leaving me rubbing my sore wrists and dripping *** down my legs.
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you tell THE BEST stories

gret story you are one sexy lady

My wife Babs wears short skirts and no bra just for that purpose, to get f-ucked on the dance floor or on a table. You got yours, so now you know how to get it again. While he in cu-mming inside you, look him in the eyes and watch the pleasure you are giving him. Your p-ussy is built to be f-ucked as often as you can find a hark d-ick to ram inside it. If it feels good, do it. You will someday regret every f-uck you could get and don't.

hot !!! very hot ! can i have the next dance ?

MMMM...ata boy David. Not sure I would recommend other guys trying that but im gald you told the story. Wish I hadn't read it at work since I can't get up from my desk for a while. Oh no....boss is calling a staff conference. Got to tuck and roll!

I like the way you decided with your mind you were not happy with how you were being treated and yet surrendered yourself to this aggressive stranger in a public place. That is so hot. <br />
<br />
That short skirt and little thong didn’t really did cover up much and when he found your ***** all wet he probably thought was your body telling him you wanted him.<br />
<br />
It must have been difficult trying to slide off that long **** of his, not just because of the length, but your desire to *** in a public place. I bet you had gobs of *** dripping down your legs as you left the dance floor.<br />
<br />
Great story I hope you were not traumatized.

Love it!

Got me hard!

Boy is that hot. I gotta go jerk off after reading that story. I would to see that happen

HOT! I am hard from reading your story. you tell the tale well.