Bathroom *******

"Hello. Amy, right?"

I looked up at the man in front of me, and my heart literally skipped a beat. He was 6 feet tall, with shaggy brown hair, and deep brown eyes that I knew I could melt into if I stared long enough.

"Yes, that's me." I smiled, and he grinned back. His smile lit up his whole face, and mine as well when I looked at him. I rose in front of him, and he reached out to shake my hand.

"Kyle." He said. His voice was deep, and almost hypnotic. I smiled again, and he smiled back. I wasn't sure if I'd stop.

When my friend Heather suggested she set me up with a guy she knew from work, I flat out refused. It was fine meeting up with a guy at a bar, but having someone set us up? Too embarrassing. Especially if things didn't work out. However, she knew I was a ****, and that my husband didn’t satisfy me.

But now I was extremely glad I finally caved in and said yes.

"So, can I get you a drink?" He asked, and I nodded. I looked around the crowded bar and realized half of the women were staring at Kyle. I didn't blame them. He was HOT. When he came back with my drink and sat down, I was worried. He was really good looking, and very nice, but I didn't know how well he'd be with the conversation aspect.

I was shocked. He was funny, charming, intelligent, and very considerate. We had a great conversation. We talked about everything and anything, and before I knew it, it was 1 am. Between topics of conversation we had danced, and he was an amazing dancer. At first we took it slow, but by the end of the night, we had both had plenty to drink, and the dancing got a little dirty. We were grinding together pretty hard, and I was so horny it wasn't even funny. By the feel of things down south, so was he.

After our last dance, I couldn't take it anymore. My body was dripping with sweat, and so was his, and I couldn't wait to get my hands all over him. He smelled so good; a combination of Axe and sweat, that I wanted to take him right there on the dance floor. Of course, that wasn't an option.

Before I knew it, I had dragged him out into the area where the bathrooms were. Without saying a word, I opened the door to the women's bathroom, and when I was sure the coast was clear, I dragged Kyle in. I pulled him into a stall and shut the door, pushing him up against it, and kissing him for all I was worth. He immediately responded, pushing his tongue into my mouth and massaging my tongue with his. His hands were everywhere; in my hair, down my back, on my ***, and back over again. I was so ******* horny that I thought I might *** right then and there.

Instead, he twirled me around and unbuttoned his pants. I was immediately on the floor, and I took his **** in my mouth. It was big enough for some major pleasure, but not too big. His balls were the perfect size to cup in my hands as I licked and sucked his ****. He moaned with pleasure, and it got me hotter. My ***** was soaking wet by now, and I wanted nothing more than to feel him inside me. When he was rock hard, I pushed him down on the toilet, and sat on top of him. He reached under my skirt, and quickly realized I wasn't wearing any underwear. He smiled at me, and plunged himself up into me. I gasped, and my ***** gushed juices all over his ****. I was forced to hold on to his shoulders to keep upright as I bounced away on his ****.

He unbuttoned by shirt, and pulled my bra down so he could suck my ****. I could feel myself about to ***, and when I did I screamed. Soon after, I could feel his **** spasm in my *****, and he grunted. "****! I'm *******." I jumped off his **** and took it in my mouth so he could finish off down my throat.

"That was so ******* hot," I heard a voice say, and I gasped as I looked above us. A beautiful blonde was standing on the toilet seat watching us. I never heard her come in, probably because I was being too loud myself.

I smiled up at her and said, "Would you like to join us?"

We went back to Kyle's and didn't stop until early in the morning...
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next time make sure sux your vagina clean

That's so hot, did she join in?

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Very hot story thank you for sharing

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You are a ****. Great Story Amy. Keep it up andkeep em *******!

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