A Night Out With April

The weekend was near and Ginger asked me if we could take her friend April out with us to a club. Ginger explained that April was having problems with her boyfriend and she did not want her friend to be alone.
This was fine by me, April was a real hot woman. April lived a few houses down from us and many a night I watched her come home with many different men. April's current boyfriend was about ten years younger , he was in a rock band and I guess this is what attracted her to him. April was alway's complaining about him being on the road with the band.
Saturday arrived and the three of us went out to dinner and then to a club in Manhattan. This club was a real hot spot and getting in was tough. I happened to have a friend who was a bartender there and he would always give me a pass to show the doorman, so getting inside was not a problem. April was very impressed that we were able to bypass the long line and walk right in. I told her that I was happy to take her here and that having two sexy women at each arm was also making my night.
For some reason once we were inside,Ginger started to drink a lot, when I asked her what was the problem . Ginger said that I was paying to much attention to April. I reminded Ginger that she was the one who suggested that we take out April. Ginger did not want to hear this and walked off in a huff.
After about an hour , I asked April to look for Ginger on the dance floor and I would meet her back at the bar. About a half hour later April came to the bar and said she found Ginger. April said that two men were dancing with Ginger and that Ginger was probably drunk and that the two men were kissing and feeling her up.
I told April not to worry, that Ginger was a big girl and that she could handle herself. April then said that we should go dance together so that we could keep an eye on Ginger just in case she needed help. April and I danced for about fourty five minutes before Ginger realized that we were watching her. Ginger then walked over to us and told us to leave her alone. Ginger then took both men by the hand and pulled them over to a lounge chair by the side of the bar. One guy went to the bar to buy drinks and the other guy started to kiss Ginger and rub her ***. When the second guy came back with their drinks, he starts kissing Ginger's neck and starts rubbing her ****. The first guy now has his hand up Ginger's dress and I can tell by the look on Ginger's face that his fingers are up her *****. April then turns to me and asks me if this is upsetting me. I tell April that I have no problem with Ginger enjoying herself and that to be completely honest , I would love to be doing the same thing to her.
Upon hearing this April grabs my hand , places it on her *** and gives me a big kiss. April then tells me that we should go get Ginger and leave. April then tells me that the three of us are going to the Plaza and continue our night out, but that is another story.
Bairam Bairam
46-50, M
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Hot story - and you are a lucky guy to have 2 women plotting an evening like that

The end result of this night out was that Ginger,April and myself went to the Plaza and a fantastic time was had by all. I later found out that Ginger and April had made a plans earlier to have a menage a trois . Lucky me !

Nice and warm... I love the part when Ginger is mad at you because you pay too much attention to her own friend. Quite a feminine reaction ! But how did it end up ? Did you enjoy April and let me guess that Ginger had some fun then or ... later. Love, Tina and John