Wife Thought Of A Mfm

I asked my wife if she ever thought about having sex with 2 men after she left in 2009. We're getting back together now, so there's alot of things I'm asking her. She said, "Oh yeah, definitely!" Just like that. She mentioned there was an opportuntiy once, but nothing happened. Sge said she was open to it alot, and maybe still is. I'm not going to push her, rather I'm going to just let things happen, by planting seeds. She asked if I would, and of course i said yes, but won't touch the other guy. I'm bi-curious, but that hasn't been a goal of mine. Well, summer is around the corner and we already talked about the short skirts, no panties at work for her. Then coming home on the NYC subway, very adventurous, and erotic. The thought that someone might get a peek of her beautiful ***** drives me crazy. That doesn't include going out on a saturday night with no panties. I love this new relationship we have and its getting better.
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That is awesome that you have reconnected. Bonus that she has some awesome stories from your seperation to boot!

Thanks Ivo!