Never Enough

My wife told me this great story the other night. 

Back in her escort days, she was living in LA and would hook up with different guys who liked to take her to Las Vegas.  It was usually a nice time for her.  Nice rooms, nice meals and usually some new clothes to go to shows and out on the town.

There was this one guy and what brought it up was he had the worst tasting *** she had ever experienced.  She was explaining how she usually liked to swallow *** and was never a spitter.  She said the trick was to take the **** deep in her mouth and when the guy came he was already past her taste buds and it would "slide right down her throat, like oysters":

Now comes the good part.

I guess he was older and besides tasting bad really wasn't much in the sack.  So she would **** him and he would drift off to sleep.  She would get dressed in some slutty outfit and go find some young stud to **** her all night and then sneak back in the room before breakfast.  He caught her ******* in one morning and wanted to **** again but she was "messed up" from the night before.  I guess he put 2 and 2 together, because he never took her to Las Vegas after that.

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She is as hot as she sounds

She sounds hot