My Wife's Lover Proved To Her That He Is Better Than Me....

I often fantasize about being humiliated by my wife's lover in front of her. He is much stronger than me, and could no doubt beat me up.

In the fantasy, my sexy asian wife arranges a wrestling match between her lover and I to see who is stronger. Her lover (who I will call Nick) is very muscular and stands 4 inches taller than me. We are both naked during the wrestling match and his 8 inch **** looks to be twice the size of mine. There is little doubt from the beginning as to who will win the wrestling match, but it is my wife's way of humiliating me and showing me that her lover is more of a man than me.

The match begins with Nick and I standing face to face about 2 meters apart. My wife is wearing a sexy string bikini and stands between us. She announces to us that the winner of the wrestling match can have sex with her all night. As my wife speaks, her eyes are glued to Nick's huge ****. My small **** shrinks to an even smaller size when I see Nick's bulging chest and arm muscles. Nick is very confident and his **** begins to throb as he stares at my wife's body. Before my wife steps aways, she smiles at Nick becasue she knows who will be ******* her that night.

The wrestling match begins and Nick puts me in a headlock and squeezes tight. His strong arms are like a vice around my neck and I am powerless. I hold on to his thighs as he applies the pressure to my neck. Nick is very strong and I have no chance to break his hold, but he just plays with me, His **** is only inches from my face and it bounces up and down as he controls me. I can see my wife in her sexy bikini smiling at my humiliation. She calls out to me that I am too weak, and Nick laughs at her comment.

For 30 minutes, Nick continues to pummel me and beat me in front of my wife. He applies different wrestling holds to me and I am powerless to stop him. He proves to my wife that he is stronger and a better man than I. The wrestling match ends with Nick sitting on top of my chest. My arms are pinned to the floor with his knees, and his 8 inch **** is resting across my face. I am totally humiliated in front of my wife. Nick grabs a hold of my hair and pulls my face even closer to his ****, and I can hear my wife laugh.

Nick makes me surrender and admit that he is the better man. As I lay helpless with Nick's **** on my face, my beautiful wife comes over and stands next to Nick. She massages his broad shoulders and thick chest and gives Nick a passionate kiss. She is very turned on by my humiliation at the hands of Nick. After a long passionate kiss with Nick, she looks down at me and tells me that I am a weak loser. She instructs me to kiss Nick's **** and to thank him for the beating. I obey her.

That night I listen outside the bedroom door as Nick ***** my wife all night.

~~the end~~
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my wifes ex-boyfriend name was bobby. he was musclaur and superiour.. my wife told me his nic-name is BIG COB BOB and his **** was 4 times bigger than was so humiliateing but i kept asking her questions and found out her ex-boyfriend was a soccer star and had big tree trunk legs.. solid muscle, she got on facebook pulled up pictures of him flexing his calves and i noticed my wifes ex-boyfriend had high arched feet perfect toes... but when she told me he loves kick boxing i imagined bobby tieing me up and useing me as his kick dummy..working out on me and useing his feet to kick my face in

Sounds hot!

Twenty years ago, when I was 19, my girlfriend tricked me into being at her pool in speedos (they were common in those days) and another guy came out the house dressed the same.
My girlfriend (of 2 years) introduced us and said she had started seeing him.
He said he wanted to wrestle me to humiliate me or was I too much of a coward........I studied him and my jaw dropped. He was 3 inches taller than me with a fit, muscular build. To avoid her thinking I was a coward, I agreed. Bad mistake.
After dominating me and toying with me for about 5 minutes, he put me in a very painful hold and I had to submit. But he just put the hold on harder and told me I had to beg for mercy. I did and he then made me tell my girlfriend I accepted she was his girlfriend now which I also did. He eventually let me go, pushed me on my back and put his foot on my chest in a triumphal pose.
Only then did I look at my girlfriend. She was laughing at me yet rubbing herself in excitement.
I absolutely hated it and thought it the worst experience in my life. But the funny thing is that, as the years went past, the incident started to excite me and twenty years later thinking about it makes me hard.
Much more happened but this is my first story as I am a newbie and I'm not sure what more I should say. If anyone is interested I will tell what happened next...>

Of course we're interested.

My wifes ex husband finally got what he has wanted since the day my wife left him for me. I guess my wife realized after marrying me and saw my tiny 3.5 inch **** and how it never gave her a climax or could she as she told me even feel it in her ,realized how much she missed her ex husbands big **** and muscles .She would always tell me what a little wimp I was compared to her tough guy,ex husband ,and if he hadnt been such a player she would never have left him .But I knowing he wasnt any where near us ,would brag its a good thing he wasnt around or I would kick his *** .Then while having an outdoor barbecue to my shock and surprise ,there stood my wifes ex husband ,in tight shorts ,showing his big bulge and muscled legs and a tank top showing his huge chest and muscled arms My wife laughted and said Oh Brucie did I forget to tell you that Bob my ex moved back to Massuchusettes,and I just had to invite him to our Barbecue,I could just see the look of satisfaction on her face ,and as she introduced him around to our guests ,it made my tiny **** even smaller watching my wife and the women drool over his muscled body and seeing that bulge in his shorts really had them talking Well I tried to avoid him as much as I could ,but my wife made sure she mentioned to every one ,how I had said how easily I could kick Bobs *** ,Bob just smiled and said ,well Brucie why dont we have a little match for the people and see who wins .Everyone seemed really into it and my wife said ,that sounds great ,but dont you girls think they should do it in just there under wear and no shirt ,knowing ,everyone would see my tiny little no bulge and get a much better look at Bobs big bulge in his bvds,and knew they would drool again over his huge muscled body and laugh at my out of shape body . I tried to think of someway out of this ,and like amind reader Bob said that is unless your manly usband is scared of me ,and knows who the better man is already ,and really humiliated me ,by saying surely Patty you have told your friends how much better I was in bed then little Brucie.My wife laughted right along with her girlfriends who she knew were dying to see Bob down to just his bvds And when my wife said Why Brucie you arent going to chicken out and embarrest me now are you ,after telling me what you would make him do after kicking his *** ? Do you want me to tell Bob and the girls what you told me you would make him do right in front of me ,to prove you were the better man ,And before I could object to her saying anything ,she laughted and said Brucie I cant wait to see you make him cry like a baby and get on his knees ***** him naked and you take out your big manly penis and make him suck it ,Isnt that what you told me sweetie I couldnt talk as Bob came right over to me and in about two seconds had me face down on the grass and my arm bent behind me .I couldnt believe the people there my guest and supposid friends were cheering Bob on ,and was even more shocked as Bob pulled off my shorts ,and shirt leaving me face down with just my under wear on and proudly took off his tight shorts and tank top with the whistles of the women showing not only his muscles,but his big **** hard as a rock with most of it showing out of the top of his bvds .My wife seeing this yelled Bob turn Brucie over so they can see his manly **** stick out to ,and laughted ,But they all laughted more as Bob said Patty I will do better then that and ***** them off him so they can see your big manly husbands **** .Well he turned me over easily and had me in a head lock ,as he reached down and pulled my underwear off ad everyone was in tears of laughter when they saw my tiny little **** ,I was hearing every thing from poor Patty thats what you have had to put up with ,to my God my three year old is bigger then that ,But slowly the sounds and lights went out ,from the pressure Bobs big muscled arms had put on my neck .The next thing I saw was Bobs pubic hairs above his **** which was now in my mouth and slowing coming to as bob pushed my head up and down on his massive **** and hearing the girls count each time it went up and down ,and the really humiliating sound of my wife saying *** in his big sissy mouth Bob ,and telling the girls ,now thats a man ! Not like my little cocked sissy husband and hearing them clap for Bob the more he pounded that **** back and forth in my mouth ,at times gagging me . Both the girls and myself were amazed at the amount of *** he shot in my mouth and face as he got off,and pushed me back on my *** after he was thru with my mouth ,saying you know Patty I think your husband has sucked ***** before ,He was pretty good at it and my wife to complete my humiliation went right over and put herhand around Bobs now half hard **** and shook it and said now girls thats a real mans **** dont you agree? There clapping showed they agreed and when Bob said I need one of you girls to kindly give me a pair of your panties ,to put on Patties sissie *** ,since lets face it with that little pathectic **** I really think he belongs in them ,and believe me ,he had plenty of voleenteers Bob then walked over to my covered with *** body ,and said put these pretty pink ones on ,***** ,unless you want you *** ****** to ,and believe me I ut them right on and Bob said now go sit by the tree and mastebate while we continue with the barbecue.and my wife made sure as all the girls did that day to make sure his **** stayed hard with either there mouths or ******* ,while I sat there and *********** ,and now I am my wifes cuckolded sissy husband and Bobs little *********** ***** while my wife now is enjoying his big **** again and finally getting her sexual satisfation and climaxes from as she putsit a real man ,and not a tiny dicked sissy like me ,Sissy Brucie

iam also wishing same thing infront of my wife ,my wife is 32 y old,

I actually came home early from work and found my wife ,in bed with a guy half my size .I should have guessed it ,because she has complained about my tiny 4 inch **** since our first **** ,But when I found them in bed ,and saw how much smaller he was then me physically ,I thought well now lets show her who is the real man ,As I went to pull him out of bed ,I was stupid enough to be stopped in my tracks seeing him uncovered as I pulled him out from under the sheets and saw his huge **** By the time I look back up ,i felt his fist hit my ete ,I tried swtinging back at him and he just moved to the side and hit me on the side of my face ,Tis guy was only about 5 ft 4 inches ,but hit like 6 ft 5 inches and my legs wobbled and I was dizzy as I heard my wife say kick his *** Dean and the next thing I knew I was going down on my back .Hoping he would just leve after knocking me down in front of my wife ,He really wanted to humiliate me and my wife was loing it ,I admit I ad bullied her at times ,So she ws getting real pleasure out of seeing Dean humiliate me ,and beleve me seeing him stand over me naked with his big **** and hanging balls right over me was completely humiliating me ,But it got much worse and thats why I am writing this story ,because my wife and Dean her new boyfriend made me sit here in panties and type this ,and tell how h grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up and slapped me a few times and laughted just to impress my wife and said Well Kathy should we make big mouth show that tiny **** you told me about .My wife f course said absolutely and I have a few other things he should do .He said will *** you have a choice ***** out of thoseclothes or et the beating of your life .Well I think thats when my wife got her most satisfation and revenge fot my lack of manhood and my bulling her ,as I now admit I broke down crying ,begging him hot to hit me any more ,even to the surprise of my wife ,saying my God Bruce I knew you had a tiny little **** ,but being 6 ft 2inches and 200 lbs I didnt think you were a coward to and laughted like hell .Dean said well *** get those clothes off now ,I quickly undressed and they both laughted when they saw ,I had peed my underwear ,and when I took off my wer under wear ,for some reason ,there was my tiny **** ,hard and sticking straight out .My wife laughted and aid I guess there is even more I didnt know ,besides your tiny **** and being a cowatd ,Does Deans **** excite you ,my little sissy ? I didnt know what to say ,but my wife said Dean dont let him move I want to get my cell phone and get a picture of his little **** next to yours,its hilarious and my girlfriends will love to see it .I didnt dare move, I was still dizzy from his punches and I could feel my left eye closing and cheek really hurt and my damn little **** wouldnt go down ,My wife came back with her cell phone and said Dean go stand with your **** and she stroked his **** with her hand ,she wanted it in all its glory next to my pathectic **** and put it right near his face and My now little issy coward take your two fingers and hold your little **** ,Yes Dean she said thats how my little Brucie *********** with just two fingers its to small to use his whole hand .She took the picture and said I have to have this fr<x>amed ,right along with the one he is about to pose for sucking your **** Dean and she laughted and snapped a couple more pictures.Do you have any idea what your friends at your bar are going to say when they see ou on your knees sucking a big juicy **** ,But first as she bent over and picked up her panties she had taken off getting laid and threw them at me and said Brucie put them on ,the guys will love the pictures alot more with you in my lace panties,she was really making up for all the years of my big mouth and bulling and having to put up with my tiny **** Now Brucie start sucking Deans real mans **** ,I tried to tlk her out of it ,and she walked over and slapped me herself and said how does it feel you being the one being slapped? Now either you start sucking or I let Dean really finish kicking your sissy ***. I sucked his **** as she took pictures to show her friends and out me at my club I bartended at showing all my friends that I had convinced I was a big tough masculine stud that I was really a little sissy *********** panty wearing coward ,beat up by her half my size real man Dean ,Iam now known as the official Beverly Ma ********** and my wife has posted pictures all over the net and I am now in panties 24/7 and Deans little private sissy ***** ,To suck his **** when ever my wife just feels like ******* is huge **** and says that Dean says I am a much better ********** then her ,and she laughts

Great story, amazing. This is just my fantasy! Only thing I could add is some foothumiliation by Nick towards the poor husband. After sitting on him and make him admit he is lower than Nick, Nick could play with him by ordering to crawl at his feet and kiss them. They would make hard sex in front of husband's eyes and he would try to stop them but eventually Nick would beat him down over and over again by rubbing his footsoles on his face and they both would make fun of him.

I love the humiliation aspect of cuckolding. Having a superior male defeat me, take my wife, make me thank him by kissing his **** in front of her. Her laughter...

i know just what you mean, i fantasize about the same thing

Awesome story My wifes exboyfriend(7years ago) was a big bodybuilder type I had a huge inferiority complex too. I recently revealed this to her, also telling her I often fantasized about him humiliating me in a wrestling mismatch!!!! He throws me around easily putting me in many wrestling holds with her laughing and cheering him . In the end he holds me in a long tight frontal headscissor hold. While im struggling (and suffering) he's flexing and flirting with her. He then crushes my neck making me beg for mercy. Her reaction kinda surprized me, because she thought this was cool, and even turned her on.

The humiliation is supreme. Not only does Tom humiliate me in front of my wife but my wife clearly is getting off on my humiliation. "He beat you fair and square, wimp," my wife shouts, "to the victor goes the spoils." She giggles and says, Of course, I am the spoils. He is the superior male here so only he gets to enjoy my succulent love garden. Go get him a beer, wimp-boy, and make it snappy." It is clear that both of them are enjoying the entire scene. I exist only to be their little laughing stock. The fact that Tom used to bully me makes all the more humiliating. When I return with the beer for Tom, my wife tells me to get on my knees when I hand it to him. I do it in shame but I can't but notice that my little member is in full salute in my jeans.

In my fantasy, I find out that my wife is having an affair. When she finds out that her lover, Tom, used to bully me in high school she gets really excited. Back in those days, Tom would beat me, throw me against the lockers and otherwise humiliate me to the delight of the pretty girls.<br />
<br />
My wife invites Tom over to see who is the better man. She tells us to fight. It is a warm summer day and we fight and wrestle in the back yard. We are wearing nothing but shorts. He is stronger and more athletic than me so he easily wins. My wife holds up his arm in victory as he puts his foot on my chest.<br />
<br />
Back inside, Tom orders me to ***** my wife for him. I can see that she is really turned on by this who scene. After I ***** her, he orders me to my knees. I know that I must do what he says. He tells me to pull down his shorts. I gasp at the size of his thick, long ****. He slaps my face with his stiffening **** before he takes my wife into our bedroom and takes her on our marriage bed.<br />
<br />
I know that he is now the Alpha male in the house but I am also excited by these new developments.

Yes, I too would love to be the cuckold husband in your story getting beat up by an Alpha man while my wife verbally humiliates me.