Last Night In The Pool

Last night, 5/11/12 I was wearing my pink two piece bikini when Rob came out and ******** off his underwear and jumped into the pool naked. While we were talking as he is my best friend and we have known each other for forty years he confessed something to me. I thought Donna and Rob had been ******* since 2003 when we were at a party and I gave my permission for her to have sex with him. Rob confessed that they have been ******* since the winter of 2002. This made my little **** hard but it is so little that even hard it will not escape the confines of that skimpy string bikini. Rob sat on the edge of the pool and his big **** had gotten hard telling me and he told me come over and suck his big hard throbbing ****. While sucking his **** I played with myself and came in my bikini. I sucked his **** for probably 45 minutes before he finally came in my mouth. I found why it took so long is because he had just deposited a big load in my wife right before he came out to the pool.
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1 Response May 12, 2012

I envy you. I love how your wife's boyfriend knows that you are a sissy and sexually inadequate. I also love that he forces you to service him.