She Never Wears Them

Started early on in our marriage, when she saw how turned on I was with her nude under her dresses and skirts. Now she refuse to wear any at all, except once a month of course. Not even under jeans. Says they are "uncomfortable". Nicely waxed, full and easy access, what more could a man ask for? :)

PS - she happens to love a good finger-**** too, in the car as well as late at night in bed....
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WillieMCD: Sometimes, but only "accidentally". I have to get a couple of margaritas in her, and her inhibitions melt away. When she's tipsy, she doesn't mind sitting up on a high bar stool, and stops worrying about the exact position of her legs.<br />
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On the freeway, on long road trips, she always lets me finger **** her at least one time. During those episodes, she gets really horny, sometimes also using a little purple vibe that we keep in the glove compartment. She gets deeply into it, making a lot of deep moaning noises, and shuts here eyes. THAT'S the moment i like to pass truckers and guys driving larger SUVs. Here eyes are closed so she doesn't see me slowing down a little as i pass them. If they are aware, they always see what's going on [and in]. <br />
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After she comes hard, she always opens here eyes and asks "did anyone see me?". My answer is always the same: "no! of course not!". I'm not sure if she believes me or not....

Does she ever allow other men to note her pantiless state? Hot and sexy!