Every Day

Almost everyday, my wife comes home with a story about some extra attention she gets during the day.  My favorite is when she's out for a run and when she's crossing an intersection, cars will stop way to long in advance so they can watch her cross.  She is well worth the wait from the front end and the back end.  If I were the driver, I'd hold traffic up too for a good long look at her.

She never use to tell me about the attention she was getting, but now that she knows I like it, she tells me all the time.  Especially when some young guy whistles at her or comments to her.

When I'm on the road, she emails me what she is wearing in the morning and in the evening she reports the attention she gets.  A few days ago she sends me a text at lunchtime.  She says "I knew it was going to be hot today, so I wore my little yellow bikini under my work clothes and am at the park by my office suntanning.  Everyone is looking!"  That made me so horny.  The area that she works is in the banking and business area of town and at lunch, there would be all sorts of suits walking through the park.  She'd be the only one in a bikini for sure.  

She's getting bolder and braver all the time and I love it.
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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

LOVE this story. How fun! What a confident wife you have!