Wonderful Week Away

Last week we were staying in a beautiful old pavilion hotel just behind the dunes on the Atlantic coast, real old world seashore stuff with lots of atmosphere. The upper story rooms were only accessed by external stairs which led to a decked walkway, with four rooms along the length, then our room at the end. Now not long after we checked in and while Jane was in the bath I was clearing out the car and noticed that one couple, on checking in their room, walked round to the little patio area in front of our room, which had a wooden table and a set of chairs. It wasn’t really clear whether it was private and only for our room, or not. The couple just looked around, realised they couldn’t see the sea from there either, and went back to their room. Our glass doors were closed at the time and the net curtains prevented them seeing in. Jane was none the wiser.

We spent the early part of the next day at the beach, actually getting a bit burnt, and followed by a very late and very liquid lunch. Jane drank a lot more than usual, and announced that she needed to sleep. I had hopes of other things, but she really was beat, we had driven a long way the day before, so I was out of luck. It was blazing hot so we opened the door but closed the wooded slatted shutters. Jane was soon fast asleep and really feeling the heat as she had kicked off the covers. Knowing what had happened before I couldn’t resist the idea of opening the shutters. No sooner had I done so than another car drew up and a couple in their 40’s started to unload cases. They didn't see me above them.

I hoped that they would make the same exploration that the earlier couple had done, so I ******** and dived into bed and pretended to be asleep, heart beating like crazy. It took what seemed and age, but sure enough I heard them chatting in French as they walked round the end of the building to see what was there. From their voices I knew they were at the table right in front of our room with the open doors. Suddenly they fell silent. I didn’t dare look but I could feel their presence, they must have stood there an age, and then I heard some quieted whispering giggle from the woman, so I knew they had seen us.

What I really loved is that they stayed there for what seemed an age, looking. Actually it was probably a minute or so, not much more. Eventually they moved away. After they went I just wanted to see what they had seen and was desperately hopping Jane wouldn’t move. Fortunately she was fast asleep, but I was still a bit afraid as the camera makes a very distinct click as you press the shutter! All the while Jane hadn't moved, so they saw her just as she was in the second photo, I stood exactly where they must have been when I took it. The first photo was taken a little later when I was so turned on I had the courage to risk a shot inside the room. We ate in the restaurant that night, and they were there too, we got lots of glances!

Jane has no idea and couldn't understand why I couldn't keep my hands off her (and yes, I do feel a bit guilty). She did however get the benefit of a thoroughly good seeing too when she woke up
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

great story, where are the photos?

guilt feeling does not last too long...but the hard on u get from the thought that ppl saw her stays for ages .... m i rite

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