Mine And Hers

i have a few pictures of my wife here and like others enjoy comments made about her.  They are always positive and just reinforce how sexy she is.  I plan on putting some more up, but there is an issue of some lost pictures that need to be found.  My wife also posts pictures of herself on certain web sites and she is not always clothed.  Out of politness I do not show her face, she does not use the same guidelines.  As far as I am concerned she is just as sexy now as she has ever been (she course doesn't think so)  I have read so many positive comments though, I have to believe I am right and she is wrong.  Too many guys think she is very hot now.

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i too feel the same way. my wife will dress revealing for me when we have date nites. i get really turned on when other men stare at her. she will sometimes not wear a bra and have a see thru blouse on. i thought i was the only one that felt this way.

It's cool that men stare and undress my wife in their minds.
I don't go for the flirting though. I draw the line. Maybe cause I'm just not ready. Idk.

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curious ... do you know why you like other men to look at your wife? I have very much the same feelings about my wife

I guess it's the excitement of knowing men way to **** her but she's going home with me to **** me 😜

I would like too

Please add me!