My Phone Screen Saver

My wife's friend is a single woman who my wife used to work with. Since that time they've both moved on to better jobs and no longer work together. they are still good friends and go out drinking together around once a month. She's single and her family lives far away so on most holidays she's at our house celebrating. This past July 4th was no exception.We grilled out, drank a ton of alcohol, she brought her dogs over to play in my fenced in back yard. I was in the yard playing with her dogs and my wife was next to me. Her friend was on the deck and I noticed her grab my phone and slide it open. I saw her pause and then smile broadly and then she stared at my screen saver for longer than a minute. My screen saver happens to be my wife smiling, totally nude, nipples super hard and her ***** on display. Usually I'm the only one that gets to enjoy this but I could tell that my wife's friend was studying her body hard. My wife began to head up to the deck and her friend made the comment that at least I wasn't looking at **** and said my wife had a great body! When my wife looked in her friends hand and saw my phone she immediately knew why her friend had made the comments. she called me an *** but laughed it off.
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36-40, M
Sep 5, 2012