Smells Like...

Scents are nostalgic, relics of a time past or a person almost forgotten. The smell of baby powder reminds me of my Grandmother, being hugged by her in her thin cotton gowns. The smell of Mop and Glow reminds me of being at her house, the regularity of dinner time and the cleanliness, the 5 languages she and Grandad spoke. Honeysuckle smells like a summer day playing barefoot with my friends. Green peppers smell like my Mom's boyfriend's kitchen. He grew them himself and used them a lot in cooking. HE had lots of homegrown herbal teas, too.The smell of autumn leaves reminds me of long hikes alone through the woods and a boy I knew in College. Patchouli is my best friend at college. Sandlewood is the beach cottage we rented one summer. I don't like the smell of pine sol. It takes me back to the first time my mom left me alone with other people. It was a Navy daycare and the workers had no love for us kids. I never felt more alone and abandoned. Cinnamon reminds me of the cinnamon sticks we sucked on at the busstop in Junior High School. The list goes on. Smell is a very powerful evoker of emotions and memories. I think aromatherapy really works.
Siberia1000 Siberia1000
46-50, F
Dec 12, 2012