The Look In Her Eye

the first time we was haveing a 3some with a close friend of ours, ron would get close to shooting his load,he'd allways moan,i'm about to ***!as my wife would soon find out it might be as hes saying it,or a bit after.that first time was ron asking my wife if he could *** inside her?as they paused from kissing,she moaned,yes please leave it in me!when my wife felt rons gusher of hot *** squirting deep inside her *****.she moaned,oh yeah give it to me!as she grabbed his *** cheacks,and wrapped her leggs around she looked at me and winked,and smiled.feeling rons hot load filling her ***** would make her *******.
my wife looked at me the rest of the night,as ron came inside her *****.she had the look in her eye of,yea anouther man is pumping his hot load deep inside me!it seemed that if the guy was a heavy ******,the more plesure she got from wife loves feeling hot *** shot deep inside her *****,as it usually gives her an *******.when the guy pulls out of her when finished,she likes to tell me to look at her *** filled *****.
if she can,unless she makeing love with the other guy,which she does alot with certain men she likes.she usually like to look me in the eye,as the he's pumping her full of his hot ***.my wife only used a condom with one of the guys that shes had sex with,and that was'nt her wife prefers going bare back all the time,she loves the added plesure of there *** inside her!it makes it more errotic.the look she gives me is priceless,she loves the feeling of *** inside her *****.
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My wife likes me to suck the *** out and make room for the next guy's ***. I like to do that while she is sucking the next guy's ****.

Hhet is beautiful stori too read i lovd riding it thanks four sharing

Definitely hot! My wife simply whispers "he's ******* in me" and locks eyes with me. I know what fun awaits me!

fantastic, my wife and I enjoy this as well and as you know there is nothing hotter then seeing and hearing another man pleasure your wife and fill her to overflow!!

Good story my wife also got off when being *** in,it was so intense that one time she was being taken against her will and she came when she felt him come in her.

nothing is equal to women looks, the spark, the joy, the lust in her eyes the time of ****** the beauty of the women will be at its peak.

Very nice story. Very hot

Nice story. Interesting how there's always telltale signs that an ****** is approaching. My wife's lover will whisper "Time to ***" as he starts *********** inside her, but his breathing always gives him away earlier. He's a quiet lover, so I don't always know what's happening when I'm not in bed with them, until my wife's ****** starts.

Hot story! I enjoy reading your stories.

Great story! The pleasure has eluded me so far...but very excited about it.