SOMETHING About It Sends Me

One of my personal kinks is listening to a classy woman, a cultured, educated, obviously intelligent woman, talk (or write) about sex using the filthiest language imaginable.

Whether its on the phone or in the bedroom, a classy woman talking like a slutty tramp sends me.  I've been privileged to experience such women delivering lines such as, "I love sucking ****," or "I want you to *** in my mouth!"  It doesn't work under ordinary circumstances, however - for a woman to use such language OUTSIDE of those two areas - the phone & the bedroom - has the opposite effect, oddly enough.  Then she's not a lady, she's trailer trash.

I guess it's all wrapped up in the general mystique of a high-class woman . . . catching a glimpse of such a creature immersed in lustful passion . . . we all have our animal side, I like to see it in others . . .

. . . sturmbringener sends . . .


sturmbringener sturmbringener
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3 Responses Jun 8, 2007

I also like to see pics of such women grab ***** at CFNM parties.

Talking dirty while having sex DRIVES ME CRAZY!! My wife is a doctor and when we are at it she talks DIRTY... and I really give it all I have got!!

I think it sounds interesting to me.