Talk Harder

It's that raw and primal place beneath the polished poise of pleasantries-
where subtler words don't even register, demure wit falls to her knees
and sucks hard just like the dirty s*l*u*t she is- she moans for more.
Tell me where you're gonna drill me- how I ain't nothin' but a w*h*o*r*e...
I swear I'll scream how much I love it when you pull my hair and slam my tight, little a*s*s-
but if I weren't talkin' rough ridin', deep and dirty right here, you'd mistake me for a dame with class!
AthenaAdAbsurdum AthenaAdAbsurdum
26-30, F
5 Responses Jun 19, 2007

I love this post.

lassy can be fun tooo :) and verry sexxy

Damn, I almost came reading this!

Come down on me and suck me off until I push my **** down your dripping ***** ******* you until you scream...