Six Golden Rules For F***ing...

These rules are so true.

1 F***ing once a week is good for your health, but its harmful if done every day.
2 F***ing gives proper relaxation for your mind & body.

3 F***ing refreshes you.

4 After F***ing dont eat too much; go for more liquids.

5 Try to do f***ing in bed cause it can save your valuable energy.

6 F***ing can even reduce your cholestrol level.

So remember:

FASTING is good for your health, and may God cleanse your Dirty Mind.

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I think you should change rule #1 but the others are ok.

I would agree, #1 doesn't make sense on some point. LOL! Good to read from you Pete.


oh yes-s-ss!

I need to do more f***ing in bed and loose some of my belly.

Just don't forget to call me before you start f***ing in bed. hahaha!

OK, you got me. Now if you will excuse me I believe a cold shower is in my future. :)

I can only imagine the smile in your face. =)) Now you are forgiven go cleanse yourself with a cold shower. Aye!

lol, I guess I just have a dirty mind! Thanks gave me a good laugh!

Aww you're welcome, everyone loves a good laugh.

You are a tease my dear. F***ing can help you lose weight, so can f***ing.

Obviously, I only do just the other F***ing. hahaha! but never lose weight. (I laugh)

It's good for prostate health too :)

True. ;D

I once did it for like 19 days in a row (and of course I was much younger then) but yeah even f...ing can get old after a while

Nineteen hours in a row?? THAT was HOT!! L.O.L.


sure you do have one. haha

Haha Got me!

Start cleasing your mind now.

I admit I had a dirty mind also. A great story.

oh yeah!



I'm printing a copy of this to carry with me.

Glad you like it my friend.=))

Not flirting, do you want it

I can't believe you wrote that. I thought EP bleeped out UCK

Aww,thanks DF!

Priceless!!!! (LOL)
I'm guilty with my little perverted mind - for those same rules can be applied to the 'other meaning' as well! Nice One!

Thanks Lady!! I enjoy your little perverted mind.^^

Hopefully God will not cleanse my dirty mind! :)
I'd love to engage in some f***ing with you sometime! ;)

omg Dragon, that left me speechless! hehe

That was great

Yeah, it served what its made for. Glad you liked it, my new friend.^^

Totally bamboozled me with the title and I almost wasn't going to read it but I'm glad it did, made me snicker and smile

LOL! I like the honesty. and sure glad you gave it a try.=)) phew!!

I dig the wit, it's cool

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Great rules to live by.

Ahan~~ indeed. And laughing is good for the heart also, as they say.



VERY funny......... Shame on me...

LOL! Yeah shame on you! Haha Thanks for the rate up.

In anything moderation is best! Even beer & wine is good for you IN MODERATION!!

Aww-w-w PJ thanks for the kind words.^^

That was hilarious. Thx.

YAY!! It sure was! =))

Funny :D

yeah! =))

You are so silly!

=P can't help it sometimes.

My mother always used to say, you hear what you want to hear.... and I know what I heard!!!

LOL! That was cute!^^ Thanks Nick.

I must have a dirty mind! Fasting was not the word I was thinking of. LOL!

You're never alone! LOL!

I want to feck any girl now as I am starved of sex for about 6 years!




Well that was one that had me going some where glad you made me smile and blush as well.

**smiles** thanks for giving it a try.^^

so cute you are hehehe




uh-huh =p



Hahaha . . . that's funny. Actually its also good for men to ********* as I have learned through several doctors for many reasons, other than having a good time. Imagine being given that order! Hahaha - I will definitely get that Presc<x>ription filled (OK that part is me joking but the rest is true)

LOL! You're funny, oh my!

You are welcome to add me. I will behave and not be dumb

LOL! sure it'll be a pleasure.

Both cleanse your mind..!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness. =))

Thank goodness that i am still there.. :)..... Dont you beleive me

lol ^^

HaHaHa the beginning was confusing (why not every day?) then I realized, yep I really do have a dirty mind. <br />

LOL! Thanks for sharing laughs. =))

I honestly couldn't figure out what the word was going to be. Thanks for cracking me up!

I could imagine. **winks** Thanks for the smile (as always). =))

This is PRICELESS! I got a lil nervous with the only once a week part !! :D

Honestly, I doubted that part myself. LOL! Thanks for bringing that smile. =))

LOL....You got me!! Thanks for the prayer for my filthy mind! I apparently need it!! LOL....too funny!!

Aww you made me smile Lady. Thanks =))


I knew you'd love this. =p boo he he

LOL. Completely 'had' me. Now, if we did change this to love making, how might the rules be modified?

***eyes rolling*** (@-@)

F***ing always makes me hungry

LOL! absolutely true for both f***ing.^^


great! ^^

I have to give props to you on that one! Well done! Lol!

LOL! thanks, you're my trophy! ^^

Awww! Thanks! That is really sweet of you! That made me feel really good! *hugs*

heehee You're tricky Lady R! :-)

Gotcha! he he (thanks for the smile also)