Sort Of A Boring Story!


I guess i like when stuff like this happens because it's just nice and flattering and well all around sweet! But anyway I was at the doctors office one day and the receptionist was just very nice and smiling, a bit shy though. I happened to be very "in the clouds" that day. I was sitting there just going on and on and smiling at everyone all while realizing many beauties of this life's reality and such. It was just a nice day and although i had noticed the receptionist being a bit to excited about my being there, i didn't do anything about it. I mean it happens and i don't really make anything of it, i just enjoy it and appreciate for what it is y'know? Just flattered and move on! 

So anyhow at the end the doctor had given my aunt (the whole reason i was there) a letter for the reason she had requested and so we left. The receptionist seemed disappointed that i was leaving but again I didn't want to make anything of it. Now as i was driving away after i had dropped my aunt off my aunt called me to ask me to call the doctors office because apparently there was something that had to be checked. And mind you my aunt doesn't understand english all that well so whatever was said probably didn't get through! So i called the office and asked what had happened and the lady on the phone (there were two receptionists, one being this lady that called- also nice but not OVERLY nice) vaguely asked me about the letter. I told her i had it with me and she quickly told me to come in with it because there was something that had to be checked. And I thought " ok, what if i check it? But i didn't say that. So i get there and walk in, she tells me to come into the office walkway, right in front of the other receptionist and she takes the letter from me and just leaves. And there I am standing in front of the "excited" receptionist and a big smile. I say hi, of course but i'm also looking out for the letter and it seemed she just walked into a room and then walked right out. The receptionist was shy so i didn't get a conversation, plus it was a bit awkward because I was thinking that they had done this on purpose and for a shy person to notice that pretty much shuts one down! SO she comes back with my letter and goes "ok, everything is fine" and i ask her what the checking was all about and she tells me that she wanted to make sure the doctor had signed it! Seriously!! I mean for 1 I could have checked that! and 2, she could have checked it in front of me, without walking into a room and leaving there with the receptionist!! Doesn't that sound like a planned invite?! I was laughing !


I like when stuff like this happens!

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Hey, After I wrote that I went out for a walk. It's nice out, the trees are all bare and the snow is crunchy but melting slowly too. I walked over to the park and this family was walking toward me. Just as I was thinking about you saying "hello" to everyone and making everyone less stranger, the little boy, about 3 years old, waved and had a big smile. I waved back and said "hi!" with my own big smile. Then his mother said hi to me and smiled. His brother, hid behind his mom, he was about 4 or 5.<br />
It was really neat. Thanks!

Ravens are never strangers. They are there for all of us. It is so wonderful to feel the energy from you and what you do. I am crawling out of my cave and stretching seeing a young vibrant person smiling and saying hello to friends who don't know each other. The smiles are lit up and my day becomes more pleasant and my life is as it is meant to be. I breath it in, it is me, and out it goes again.<br />

Heh, well thank you.<br />
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Some people do you know, just appears that each person does it in a different way. I appreciate it though you know? <br />
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I was actually walking down the street the other day and thinking about people everywhere and the fact that I do not feel we are strangers. I really enjoy that i'm learning much more about myself and embracing it because it's given me so much freedom. I literaly seem to love everyone (sort of view everyone as my strangers ) and it's odd to me that some people don't feel the same way. But then I also realized that the ones who do respond to this devotion are simply those on the same wavelength. (this i gathered from all my hellos to strangers and the few that said hello in return and those who didn't) It's really interesting! I cannot for the life of me understand why anything at all could justify being "strangers", i think we're all one big happy family! Heh.<br />
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I hope that made sense, i think the fact that I haven't been around ep town a couple of days sort of excited my return. I was a bit nervous typing this out because i was so excited yet so ready to share! <br />
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I hope you've been well ! I even saw a raven and remembered you!<br />
Smiles !!

I'm surprised more people do not do that to you, just to get you back where you can radiate and extend all that you have. I can feel it here!<br />
Smiles =) miles of smiles!