Pantyhose Vs Stockings; Nylons Are Nylons

When I was young, pantyhose on women were OK but I preferred nylon stockings. Now that PH have been around for a while and are more available than stockings, I've grown to really like them, especially when a woman like my wife (pictured) wears them under her jeans or pants. I find a glimpse of the top of her PH as exciting as I used to find an ******* peek of a woman wearing vintage style stockings. I also like it when she wears pantyhose under shorts with heels. Very sexy. I know there are other men out there with the same preferences and likes. This is NOT a group for men who like to wear hosiery under their trousers, etc. It is for men who like it when WOMEN do so only.
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3 Responses Jul 5, 2011

I was having an intimate relationship with a lady a few years ago, and we were talking about this. She mentioned the name of a woman that we both knew. She said, "...." told me that she always wears pantyhose under her jeans, but does not wear panties." Wow! That blew my mind. Every time I saw that woman after that, I always watched her to see if she was wearing jeans. She was very attractive.

To be honest it's such a rare sight that I'm fine with either. I do remember in my school days seeing a girl wearing jeans with nude hose and flats and being totally mesmerized by her.

i love to see a glimpse of the tops of pantyhose above jeans or skirt as well as seeing the reinforced part of the pantyhose under a short or slit skirt i think the turn on is see something that is meant to be hidden that naughty little flash that gives away a secret