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Pantyhose Vs Stockings; Nylons Are Nylons

When I was young, pantyhose on women were OK but I preferred nylon stockings. Now that PH have been around for a while and are more available than stockings, I've grown to really like them, especially when a woman like my wife (pictured) wears them under her jeans or pants. I find a glimpse of the top of her PH as exciting as I used to find an ******* peek of a woman wearing vintage style stockings. I also like it when she wears pantyhose under shorts with heels. Very sexy. I know there are other men out there with the same preferences and likes. This is NOT a group for men who like to wear hosiery under their trousers, etc. It is for men who like it when WOMEN do so only.
notunique notunique 61-65, M 7 Responses Jul 5, 2011

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I was having an intimate relationship with a lady a few years ago, and we were talking about this. She mentioned the name of a woman that we both knew. She said, "...." told me that she always wears pantyhose under her jeans, but does not wear panties." Wow! That blew my mind. Every time I saw that woman after that, I always watched her to see if she was wearing jeans. She was very attractive.

Dear author, I am a male who absolutely loves seeing women in pantyhose (and the sight of a woman wearing pantyhose under her jeans / pants is also very sexy) but I also adore wearing them myself, 24/7. The one does not exclude the other you know!

One may not exclude the other in your opinion but there are plenty of other experience groups for that sort of thing.

I'm wowed by how sexy your wife looks in stockings. She's stunning. Pls tell her that. I'm like you in that I like it when women wear nylons of any kind under their jeans or pants. It excites my imagination and they look fantastic! Your wife doesn't happen to have a sister, does she?! :-)

Wife wears stockings, but I like to wear them also...sorry!

Ah yes, in the winter when I see girls in jeans I always try to get a good viewing angle or a right moment to check out if she's wearing pantyhose. And in the likely chance that she is, I find it very exciting. Because a girl wearing pantyhose under her jeans normally hides it but catching a glimpse of nylon occasionally, her sexy secret is revealed. I find it amusing because there are still gals who don't only wear pantyhose if they plan to show it. Some of them find it very comfortable practical and sexy to wear one even if it's never noticed by anyone.

To be honest it's such a rare sight that I'm fine with either. I do remember in my school days seeing a girl wearing jeans with nude hose and flats and being totally mesmerized by her.

i love to see a glimpse of the tops of pantyhose above jeans or skirt as well as seeing the reinforced part of the pantyhose under a short or slit skirt i think the turn on is see something that is meant to be hidden that naughty little flash that gives away a secret