Ya git me all mad and then yell at me fur it! What did ya expect from a LA woman? A bed of roses?

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Charles Bronson?? Yes!!
How 'bout yo' favorite Slutty Woman??

You a Clint Eastwood fan, Girl??? Maybe the subtitle should say..."Go ahead, Make my day!!" Anyway, I like it.

No Im a fan ok Kill bill movies and natural born killers and stuff..I always liked charles Bronson too lol

Good taste ;)

yea well shucks..I know lol

*looks around............ever so slowly heads for the door*

What? You're acting...guilty >.>

Oh no! I`m seeing a woman with a gun. So I was going to look for chocolate. ;-p


Kiss kiss bang bang!:*

Yes! Exactly! Is it alright if I use that image as the "Group Image"?

Of course..I didn't make it lol

Sweet! I just thought I'd check. lol Didn't want the chance of having you grumble about me "stealing" it. Some people are like that. Thanks.

Nah..no way