Chew The Panties

My date (now my husband) picked me up one afternoon so that we could drive to his sisters house for lunch,as I was getting into the car a gust of wind blew the hem of my dress right up and flashed my panties. My date gave me a real handsome smile ,reached over and brushed his thumb between my legs over the crutch of my panties. " I just love these panties,I cant wait to get you home later".
I took no time in unzipping his pants and slipping his hard shaft out and getting my lips right around his ****......I told him to pull over into a side road or parking lot .As we park I slip off my panties,slip them in his mouth as I climb onto his lap and ease my moist ***** down onto his hard ****....such a snug fit...I loved watching him moan with pleasure with my panties in his mouth.
lipsi lipsi
36-40, F
4 Responses May 23, 2012

Such a hot sexy story by a sexy hot naughty lady ! spontaneous car sex like that is intense passionate and so urgent ! always a thrill ! you are hot !

sliding the tip of the toung up and down over the damp crick of ***** covered by a soft silk is simply a heaven

now thats a tasty **** - if every there was one

just the right panties will get a man's attention so much quicker than talking will