Two Girls

Well my story is how i got a ******* by two females at the same time. It started on a friday night with drinks with friends. My girlfriend friend jess came over with her boyfriend jose, he was drinking early that day. So we have are drinks he knocks out, i go into the dinning room, an both females follow i.i offer shots an they both agree, it turns into body shot. Jess is a sexy woman.she is 5"6 slim body big ****, little ***. She wore a mini skirt with a matching thong an a white sheer top with matchin top. My girlfriendis a beautiful woman she is 5"8 huge **** an a pricky ***, she wore black legging n a red dress no panties. We do a couple body shots so i'm feeling good i jump up on da table am place two shot on both sideof my di** n challenge the women to take em. They both get on a side n take, i get a ***** they realize this an mu girlfriend drops an takes my rod in her mouth, i'm 9inch an she sucks on it like it was da last meat she have. Then she offers it to her friend, her friends n looks at her man sleeping on da sofa an swallows it whole, my girlfriend is licking my balls while her friend get face fuc*ed. They switch places .. they join at the tip of my rod an both lick, n kiss the head .my girlfriend pulls jess top down n i ***** fuc* her n jess does the same to my girlfriend.i back up n lift jess on da table an have jen eat her box while i fuc* her n watch. Once i pull out jen they both get on their knees on sucking my dic* n the other licking my balls i shoot *** all over jen n jess. They clean up n jess starts again by gettin on her knees, an tells me she wants to get fuc* but once i was about to her man wakes up. They get ready to leave. N she tells me she will b coming bak for more..
hitdatspot hitdatspot
26-30, M
Nov 26, 2012