Hands Down Panties

My wife loves seeing me wearing panties, she gets so turned on when she sees me wearing panties. My bulge pressing against that silky fabric gets her so wet, she loves seeing the outline of my **** through my panties and how it makes a panty tent. She cannot help but come over and rub me through the front of my panties, I love how her hand feels caressing my **** through the silky fabric. My wife loves seeing me with my hand down my panties, she loves to watch me ************ while wearing panties and will often sit in a chair while I lay on the bed with my hand under my panties stroking. I think a hand under panties is so erotic, and I love seeing my wife laying on the bed with her hand down her panties, so in a way we take turns enjoying watching each other ********** with our hand down our panties. Sometimes its me sitting in the chair and her on the bed and sometimes its her in the chair and me on the bed, either way we usually both end up with our hand down our panties. Check out our profile for more about us.
pantiescouple pantiescouple
Mar 11, 2013