I Will Reach Down To Tenderly Touch Your Face

The day you've lived for, little one, and the one you've most dreaded has arrived.  They day when you will succumb to the most profound joy and intense pain you've ever experienced.  It's the day you will officially belong to Me.

In a few moments, I will turn control of you over to Another for the last time before your body is indelibly marked as Mine, the way your mind and your soul have been since the moment we met.

That you've agreed to endure such intense pain for Me says everything you cannot from behind the ball gag nestled deep in your mouth.  The look of calm acceptance on your exquisite face tells Me that the bonds which will prevent you from moving and muffle your screams also comfort you, which in turn comforts Me.

Just moments before you are branded with a tiny version of  My signature "MP" -- the mark that will forever claim you as My Owned property -- I will reach down to tenderly touch your face, and tell you how much I love My very, very good boy.

ServeMistressP ServeMistressP
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1 Response Jul 27, 2010

Oh My God!