There Is So Much To Do With A Good Pasta!

My late Mother work for a Italian Doctor during the second world war and learned a very nice way of making Macaroni and cheese and a lot of good and fast recipe's Today I'm fortunate to have all those recipe's in my head because I'm a soul cook and are lucky not to have to look any recipe up in a book or ask how it's made just give me a taste and I will tell you all the ingredients!
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1 Response May 6, 2011

That is fantastic flip! I love that you remember all of your mom's recipes and can make all kinds of good food at a moment's notice :) I never usually use a recipe book either. I use a spice rack and experiment with using spices you would not expect in certain dishes. Cinammon is one for unexpected tastes and curry powder. That is just for starters. I am 1/3rd italian so of course i use all the Italian spices and flavorings too. Always nice to talk to a natural cook :)