I Am Asian But I Loove Italian Food.

I am not Italian, that I guess seems obvious. But I have eaten italian food in my country. I am not so sure though if one can call it authentically done, after all the restaurants here would prepare them according to the people's taste. To me though, Italian means, spaghetti,pizza and anything with tomato sauce and cheese and sold in an Italian restaurant. I know there are a lot more food on the menu but that is what I eat most of the time. Italian food.. hmm. Could you share with me how I can tell if I am really eating Italian? My tastebuds being asian savor on the sweet and salty side. Our culture thus our food is influenced from Spain because we were a colony until the Americans took over. I am not telling what country just yet. hehe.. Care to guess?
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Philipines ?

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Its all in the spices oregano &.basil , olive oil