Back In The Groove

Living in Asia for the past 8 years I have employed a maid all that while. As you do. Or at least, until xmas last year, when we parted ways. I now live alone and have had to come to terms with organising, preparing and cooking my own meals again.

Most of my adult life, after I left home, I have done a lot of cooking. Even in the old days when I was married. But these 8 years I have really fallen out of practice. Also age isn't helping. In my dotage now I lack the enthusiasm for the kitchen that I had during my younger years.

One thing to suffer was pasta. I used to cook a superb Sphaghetti or flatstrap (tagliatelli, bavette) bolognese. But when I re-visited that this March just gone, it was a dud. I used too much tomato paste, I didn't have enough offset flavours. O it was close to a disaster. Edible, but noways nice.

I eat pasta once a week on average. So for the ensuing weeks I laboured on, trying to recapture my erstwhile skills. Then, after about 4 weeks of experimenting (ie 4 times), it clicked. All fell into place once again. I made up a delicious pasta sauce and enjoyed my meal immensely. I had brought back a couple of bags of Parmesan from my recent sojourn in Australia, so with that augmenting, all was well.

Now I'm regularly eating top shelf (for my humble tastes) pasta again. Love it.
61-65, M
May 14, 2012