I love to make homemade lasagna the simple way. I cook the meat and I add about 3 cans of Hunt's Four Cheese sauce and a container of ricotta cheese. Then I boil the lasagna noodles and layer the noodles with the meat sauce and then add colby jack cheese on top covered up with aluminum foil and and placed in the oven to let bake for about 30 minutes at 325 degree so the sauce can marinate the noodles. It is so delicious when it's done. I prefer ricotta cheese over cottage cheese on lasagna. It's a quick and easy recipe that tastes like it was cooked in a restaurant.
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you do how to prepare those things im sure its delicious sometime you send me recipes how to make a very yummy bake turkey so i can prepare those here,thank you

I can make a great crispy golden cooked turkey too. I will send you the instructions how when you are ready for me too. Just send me a PM and we will call it done.

yeah i guess it would help alot i like to try to cook that....

So, when can I come over to help you eat that delicious sounding dish?

Good question. Depends on how far away you live I guess.

Drat, looks like you are CDST and I am EDST so it will be a while. Darn, I am sorry.

*sigh* I understand. Lol