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It's My Soul Food

I may be white. I admit this, for me Italain food is my soul food. it is my comfort food. It doesn't matter if I'm doing a North Italian Dish (of my paternal grandfather's side) or a Southern one (of my paternal grandmother's side)

There is something simple about it. Cathartic if you have the time to kneed your own pasta or pizza dough. Simple sauses which add flavor be it sauses of cream and cheese, tomato, or wine the flavor simply that of my home. Pasta the perfect ideal item to shape as you see fit for small bites that fill you up to long thin strains of angelhair.

Italian food is good food that can come in so many ways. From huge family size meals of good times that give a smile to the table and laughter. To romantic portions ment to bring togeather a young couple in love. To simple dishes to just scrape by on the smallest of budgests. To the most elegant high-minded styles of 5-star resturants.
jondoen jondoen 26-30, M 2 Responses Aug 21, 2012

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Nothing wrong with that. Soul food is the food that gives you comfort. Enjoy!

For me that would be pork chops in gravy, macaroni & cheese, collard greens, buttermilk cornbread, candied yams, and peach cobbler for dessert!

love it!