It's a Family Affair

My uncle owns a pizza place in our town, and he is Italian he moved to the USA when he was 15, and he really knows how to make some awesome Italian food.   Everything is fresh, and homemade, and wonderful!  My whole family gathers at the restaurant every Thursday for the ultimate Italian food feast from antipasto, calazones, pizza, eggplant parm, chicken parm, lasagna, you name it and it can be made for you, it's wonderful.  All the good smells and good food, plus it helps keep my family, and extended family close.  Italian food is my favorite!

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Can I be a part of your family??


Elfornos sea food special to die for

Woah! I too loves Italian food 👅🍕🍝👌🏻

Italian stallion

This is making me hungry! I haven't had good Italian food in so long!

Just went to a Italian resturont(sorry for spelling) I love Italian food. :)

I'd like to vist your uncle's place and try some of his food out. That sounds delicious. Now I'm really hungry for Italian.

My favourite is lasagne - in fact I made a big dish of it last night! Extra mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and red wine to embellish the sauce and plenty of garlic and herbs. Plus on top of the white cheese sauce (la<x>yered in-between and on top), I added some finely grated strong cheddar and finely chopped chorizo for a tasty, cripsy top. YUM!<br />
<br />
Tip: Before putting it together, I usually grease the pan with EV olive oil so it serves easily too!<br />
<br />
And now I'm hungry!

Great Story! Italian food is awesome!

great story.. what could be be better than bonding around home cooked food.

Italian food? I just know pizza i like pizza<br />
I have not a chance to try antipasto, calazones, pizza, eggplant parm, chicken parm, lasagna... in my country it really good as you said...

this isn't pizzeria bianco is it? I wanna be in your family!!!! My favourite italian is foccacia col formaggio and lasagna!...yum...yum...yum.

What a great story! I love hearing about family time, especially around food... LOL This made me smile :)

Wow! I'm so jealous! Invite me over sometime... :)

I moved to the us when i was 5 from Italy love Italian food Pata al la carbonata! um um

Sounds delicious. Although I love many kinds of food I think Italian has many of my most favorites.

Mmmm that sounds so yummy

I am making bruscetta with tomatoes and basil from my garden, garlic from my dad's with real parmigiano regiano cheese on ciabatta bread.

LOL, I'm making Italian for dinner tonight. Chicken parm, with pasta shells....yum