Last Friday morning I met my new friend Robert's parents when they discovered I'd stayed over with him, and when they learned who I am they invited me to come to dinner last night (Sunday evening) which was quite an enjoyable experience.

I enjoyed meeting Robert's parents again, to be formally introduced to them by their son. His father is Jean-Michel and his mother is Liane, they are older than my parents because Robert has two older brothers who are already married with children.

I didn't have much choice of outfits to wear from my own wardobe, so I adopted a couple of things I did have, and borrowed a sweater from Marguerite. My skirt was short, and I did have to go without lingerie, but nothing was made of this. I found Robert enjoyed my look quite a lot.

Liane learning I am vegetarian prepared a pasta-based meal with lots of local vegetables and tomatoes, (penne amatriciana with fresh tomatoes, radicchio and fennel risotto, and pine nut semifreddo), and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal. As well as this we had some white Corbieres, which I particularly like. We talked a good deal as we were eating and there were countless questions which many girls would consider high intervention.

We moved into the salon afterwards, and Jean-Michel offered us Armagnacs. I sat down next to Robert on a fairly low sofa which proved to be awkward later when I had to get up again! As I say, my skirt was short, with its hem maybe only fifteen centimetres below my crotch, so moving around on the sofa was a little self-exposing, not that I was particularly worried about that. On Friday morning I had walked around the upstairs of their home completely naked!

Later, after I had left and returned to Marguerite's house Robert texted me to tell me his parents' reactions to me. He told me his mother had asked him about whether I ever wore lingerie which did have him laughing!
Anuledroan Anuledroan
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013