Pomodoro Sauce

I can cook Italian food, was brought up on it. Much I cant do in my life but Italian food yeah I can stand my ground. Basic recipe of many a good Italian dish is Pomodoro sauce. Funny how so many TV Celeb chefs get this so wrong at the basic level.

Ingredients :
Fresh Garlic
Canned whole plum tomatoes
Olive Oil
Fresh Parsley
Romano Hard cheese
Red Wine

Pass your tomatoes in a steel passer to remove the seeds from the tomatoes.Lets say we use 4 Standard tins for this.
Dice your fresh parsley (dried is ok if you can not get fresh)
Crush 1 whole bulb of garlic less if its a large bulb
lightly fry in the olive oil , don't burn it or it will ruin the sauce.

Then add your passed toms, and immediately seasons with salt pepper 3 quarters of a table spoon of white sugar, a shot of red wine say less than half a small glass too much red wine will make the sauce go bitter.
And take a chunk of the Romano cheese and lob that in along with the chopped parsley

Stir and taste at that point.

Add more salt / pepper if needed. Go easy on the salt and do not add more suger unless you like it really sweet.

Bring to boil then simmer for at least 35 to 40 mins. More can enhance the flavor but remember to keep stirring every 10 mins so it does not stick.

When the sauce is thick and cooked serve with Penna paste or spaghetti. Remember to cook the pasta Al Dente ... so its a bit chewy. Add grated Romano cheese, sit down with a large glass of red wine and enjoy :)
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Jan 24, 2013