Italian Food From the Off-stage

I grew up in Rio (Brazil) eating pizza, spaghetti and tagliatelle as many other people around the world. But when I got married (I was 19) and came to live in Italy, I began to learn what is REALLY Italian food.

Italian food is also the pleasure you have eating good food, making it, sharing it.

It's my first message here, I found this site while looking for Italian food related ones, as I have one about it

This kind of passion makes us feel closer to genuine things, we begin to look for better quality ingredients and special things. That doesn't mean the most expensive ones, but the "true" ones, as I saw in the first post I read here - where someone (sorry, I didn't catch the name) was relating the Italian grandmother...

Well, I will be back later...let me just take a look around,

nice to be here :-)

anamariacosta anamariacosta
Oct 8, 2008