Happiness Starts At The Stove And Ends In The Stomache

Or so I was told by some of my italian relatives , when we would have a big family

dinner ....ohh the aromas coming out of the kitchen , the hot bubbling homemades sauces,

the smell of garllic and spices .. as the women passed around the wine and laughed

and gossiped ,trading secrets and making incredible dishes .


They passed that love of cooking to me and I absolutely love cooking italian food .....the best

dish I make eggplant parmamigiana ....of course my spinach and mushroom ravioli is good

too.....and I love to see everything I make be enjoyed and eaten by those I care about


Yes I love Italian food , the eating , the sharing and of course the glass of chianti I have as I

make it ...*giggles*





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Cute expression.

Yes .. I know from my personal experience that cooking and eating is more than just tasting and digesting .. its a feast for all the senses ... I hope you eat more and more =-D thanks for your comment .

I have to agree with this story (and I love the air of Eat Prey Love about it). I know all to well the British take on food: sticking to the same conversations, not smelling your food before you swallow it, not complimenting the individual parts of the dish together to make beautiful whole. I am guilty myself for treating my meals this way sometimes; putting the TV on which almost abuses the food. <br />
My girlfriend is Italian, and when I met her family, and ate her dishes, and tasted her wine... that first meal... that was when I fell in love with Italian food.

*giggles* ahh thank you darling .... yes italian cooking is best cooked as you are sipping your chianti ahh yes or Pinot Noir *winks* in a house full of people you love talking and laughing , even some dancing ahh yes ask anyone ,(you cant make a good pesto without a little shimmy of the hips to your fav beat ).. and gossiping ... a wonderful ,, chaotic mess that ends up being ...a big delicious meal with the ones that mean the most in the world to you ..yes? ..Thank you for your comments darling ....

As soon as I saw this I knew I had to respond. Love this post as I truely enjoy cooking these types of meals. Very festive, lots of music and wine - although I would personally chose Pinot Noir, but do love the grape!! There is no wonder why as I write this there are 41 other comments!!

salute! ooohhh....yummmm

Salute! =D

Damn...now i need a shower! LOL

Thanks babe!!

Oooh teach me! *rawrrrr* ;-)

lemon cello shots....Ive heard of jello chots,,,lime tho....


ravioli! more ravioli!

NIce digs larry!! Wait...did you fling food at me?? LICK IT UP!! =P

*has a quiet food-gasm*<br />
<br />
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........<br />
<br />
*whistles at Bub* I'd let you fill my canolli any day hottie *spanks*

omg! bub! very hot! lol!

*flings a couple of ravioli Star's way * darling ... a have a water pistol with some garlic parmesean sauce for it *closes one eye ..and aims sauce at Star's open mouth *

ohh nooo don't waste the tira misu! let me have some!

*catches a cannoli in mouth and smiles* Oh Kitti these are delicious! Some one toss some of that home made ravioli my way, please? *sips Chianti* =)

yayayyayayy * flings cannolis and mushrooms towards Larry ...duck Star!!

I dont know where Larry is ... just follow the bits of whip cream and scotch tape *giggles and takes sip of wine*

Yum! Chianti always reminds me of Hannibal Lecter *giggles* I still drink it though!!!! =D<br />
<br />
*takes a big delicious bite* ...........wait wheres Bub? O.O

*hands Star glass chianti ...and plate of stuffed mushrooms* ahh you will need strenghth darling ... and steer clear of the tape ... thats my advice ;-)

*bursts through the door panting* I came as soon as I could!!!! *sniffs* What smells so good???

yayayyaya food party ....and Im thinking with the leftovers food fight !! *giggles tops off everyone wine*

ohhhh this is wonderful....*sips chianti, carefully cruches bruschetta*

Kitti makes great food!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm

ohhh of course ....antipasta and some prosciutto and melon ..yes ?.... *giggles* lets see if Star comes

ohhh CJ * runs takes beer out of hand ...hands her a plate of homemade ravioli and glass of red *

*giggles* ahh great Italian minds think alike no Mr Hunky ..ahh Star will run if she knows ...but whether its towards you or away I am not sure *giggles* both of you ... two naughty pea in a pod <br />
<br />
ahh come on in AK ...sit down for some bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms and of course a glass of chianti yes?=-)

I TOTALLY AGREE!!! You have me wanting wine and pasta!!!! Instead...I have beer and nothing. =(

yyyuuuummmmmyyyyy! Im on my way! *grabs purse and car keys*

ohhh yes 2E I will agree with you there ... though Spanish is good too...my two halves pull on each other all the time * giggles adn hugs 2E * thank you for commenting darling

yayayay..... *hugs Larry and takes chianti * yes ..I know I am a bit of a lush .... but the chianti was screaming my name !!! =-D...omg what is the scotch tape for ... I am scared to ask but stil titillated ... *giggles* where is Star ...did you tape her up somewhere!!!??!!