My Love For Italian Food!!!

Hi !!

I'm new on this forum.... I didn't thought that italian food lovers were so many good gourmet!

I have italian origin (my granma) so in my family italian cooking is well known, our favourite recipes are: pizza - italian style

, cannelloni, lasagne, melanzane parmigina and also potato gnocchi (sorrentina)....and many other. finding the authentic italian ingredients, like

mozzarella, ham, basil, olive oil, parmisan is quite hard outside italy, and above all expensive

 but recently i found a new website that sells italian food outside italy with home delivery, i bought 3 kg of buffalo mozzarella (that for me is the BEST")

and within 2 days it came at my door...(I live in Camden - London)  seemed to me a small miracle the website is Enjoy it!

jjules77 jjules77
1 Response Apr 16, 2010

Well may i be the first to welcome you here, my friend!! and welcome to Ep, :-) lovely to read your first contribution, :-) It was so interesting and also very informative and made me feel so hungry!! lollollol :-) x <br />
Thank you so much for sharing and giving the link too!, I for one will be checking this out!! :-) thank you!! :-) xoxoxoxoxoxo