I Met A Dream

It is in the fall of 1967. I stop at the local 7-11 and there were four Italian men there wanting a ride. I spoke no italian and still don't and they sopke very little english. They needed a ride back to Newport News,Va (I lived in Hampton) to their ship that was in dry dock. The SS Oceanic. I let them know as best I could I wasn't a punta or however it is spelled. The italian that rode up front with me introduced hisself as Mario Farrante,said his first name was hard to pronounce so he went by Mario. He was an electrician on board the SS Oceanic. I spent 2 glorious days with the sexy loving Itaian man. Then he was gone. I saw him again for a brief time a few months later when the ship was again in dry dock. Then is was letters,then phone calls when the ship was in port in New York. As time went on we lost track of eachother. He wasn't allowed to marry until his sisters were all married as he was the bread winner for his family having lost his father whom had spent time in a consentation camp during the war that left him in poor heath. It was a brief meeting in my life that left me loving Italian men and the memory of Mario for a life time. I have often over the years wondered where he was and if it is possible now to find him,even just to say hello.
DustyBritches DustyBritches
Oct 31, 2011