Italians... :p

  I know it's really cliched and stuff, but it has to be said that they are so sexy!!
(The young-ish ones - I'm not trying to say that I find 70 year-olds sexy...)

  When I went over a couple of years ago, they were all just really friendly (in both senses - my sister was flirted with numerous times by men in their late 30s, she was 16 at the time...)

  Aside from their occasional over-eagerness, they were very nice to look at, all with amazing names, other than Mario, as the whole of Britain seems to assume... 

  Italian Men - two words that send all women in their right minds into hyperventilation...

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thanks that you liked italian and italian man :)

Oops! Didn't even know I'd set security measures on here! I know what you mean, though -- sometimes it really freaks me out how much this site seems to know about me :) But I accepted your circle request (sorry took so long -- don't check EP as much as i should), so feel free to gesture 'til your heart's content :D<br />

Thanks for the high five! I'd love to gesture you back but cannot since you are the super private type lol no gestures no messages and I thought I was the secretive one. Btw this site is psychic. I requested them for a new password and they gave me one very close to my ethnic background as if the knew. Scary..... lol

No, not at all. In fact, my family originates from Norway, so if geography serves me right, not anywhere near Italy. Damn. <br />
Yeah, i mean, some people might have seen all of the flirting as being really inappropriate, but personally, i was glad of the attention and took it all for a bit of a laugh. I think we're going back to Italy either next year or the year after, which should be great :D Hope you have fun when you next go,<br />
-Domitilla ^^ x

Domitilla r u of Italian descent yourself? I'm not at although I wish I was and some pple say I act like it. Next time u go try to go a step further. U'll love it that's a guarantee! It's easier if u r alredy friends with someone. The man I was mentioning happens to be a friends' friend who went skiing with us. As I hear he is divorced. Yay! Definitely skiing this January. Don't get me woring I don't wanna a relationship just some fooling around. Fingers crossed no one walks in this time. I don't know if you heard the same thing but many Scandinavian and German women have told me they weren't being treated with respect in Italy that they were constantly whistled at, had thier backsides slapped, catcalled and one even got kissed by force. Never happened to me. When I was in this Italian area in Corsica I got treated beyond royalty. Seates offerd on the bus, free food everywhere, a slight bow of head when approaching never even stared at. Respect at its best. I don't know what these Nords were talking bout. Do you? Glad I found someone to share experineces and questions with. Thanks

My experiences? Very little, I have to admit. I think it's more the confindence that they seem to have in the Med that draw us in, rather than any specific physical aspects - don't get me wrong, they are incredibly sexy in appearences, too :D...<br />
No, for me it was just some innocent flirtation, being called beautiful etc, which was just really nice rather than sleezy...<br />
I'm happy you had fun, and am definitely going back...<br />
-Domitilla ;)

It's not uncommon in that culture for women to be much younger than thier husbands. But 16 is underage btw. I was "doted upon" by a man of 40 when I was 21. But it was all my fault. I really was asking for it (touching his hand when serving dinner, wearing heavily embroidered dresses, flicking my waist lenght hair after I had come out of the spa in my long robe). I am just average on the outside (albiet I dance gracefully). He was an absolutely stunning Calabrian although 40 he looked 29. Skinny, 3 grey hairs, full beard, aquiline nose! We had so much in common. Stunning! Unfortunatley all we could do was hold each other's hands underneath the table with his wife sitting opposite us and giggle. When we did catch 3 seconds alone (lol) another buddy had to walk in. Grrrrrr! Btw I don't get wy many Italians have been drawn to me since I am average in looks, brown haired, flat figured, with a penchant for wearing my ma's weird dresses and doing ther hair dance. I am the total oppoise to a blond bombshell in a tiny skirt they are meant to be attracted to. I am very pale with green eyes but that's about it. <br />
What were your experinces with those wonderful creatures? When someone asked my "soulmate" if he would miss naything if he died and went to Heaven he yes this woman to my left. Awww! I would have held his flirting with me against him but his wife REALLY didn't treat him with respect.