I Am Italian

I am Italian. I'm a second generation American. My family's entry into the US can be traced to Ellis Island in 1905. We have a big loving family.  When we do get together, the food is incredible! I love Italian  food. I love my Italian family and my husband's Italian family as well.

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No, we don't have them here but I sure would have loved one of those ads! LOL How clever!

Haha! You should have had your comment in between mine and Patorices and you could have had an Italian sandwich!<br />
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Just kidding. I love them too. Lots of onion and vinegar and oregano! Yum!

I like italian sandwiches :)

No, I haven't but I'll be sure to. It was really fun researching my family's roots coming to America. My brother and I were on the internet for days, calling each other and sharing our 'finds'. It was so cool seeing their names on the census, all of those handwritten entries with really difficult to spell names! You don't see them like that anymore, so many people shortened their names or changed them to "Americanize" them. <br />
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OK, I'm off to Youtube!

It's Spaghetti Sauce here! <br />
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Both sets of my grandparents were from Sicily. My father's mother was from an orphanage so we can't trace her but my grandfather brought her to America when she was 18. We still have family in Sicily but I've never been there. It is a goal of mine though! My husband's father's family was from Northern Italy. His family came to the USA through New Orleans! I had read a couple of historical romances about Italians in NO back in the 1800's. Interesting stuff!