I just love this place... so much history and such good food... the people are so expressive... they drive tiny cars... and wear very nice shoes. Of coarse these are stereotypes but things made in Italy are so nice...

I used to eat at an Italian restaurant called Sergio's every Friday. They had the best canolis. And you never left unsatisfied.

My family is mostly of French decent from my dad's side but my mom's side is massive and sorta Italian ish. My mom has a loud hearty laugh. She doesn't have to say much but even when she is just in the room she makes people feel good.  
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Italy is very great place and the people are so humble and loving,,very passionate...i love that ,,cause i am too............the food is bless,,,,,,,,,,they are like a beautiful sun set....

I am French, and I love Italy.
I learned italian by pure luck at university and I was lucky to have a teacher who shared it passion for his county (He was venitian).
I have learned italian in evening classes and I just love the culture of this country, and the people.
Although I live in the UK, a great number of my friends here are Italian.
I keep going back there and keep loving it...

I went as a high school sophomore (VERY long time ago!!!!!); and I remember it like it was yesterday!!! Did you get to Pompeii???? Florence & Venice were tied faves!!!

My mom's side is of French descent, but my dad was born in Tuscany. I have been to Italy a couple of times now and love everything about it except for the pick-pockets. It's a beautiful country with beautiful people, delicious food and wine.