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Italian Memories

I love Italy - the cities and the countryside; the people and the language; the climate, the food and the wine; the pace of life; the art and architecture; the railway system; its history and culture. I love Venice, Florence and Rome. Italy was where I was happy and where I made friends.
oneofnine oneofnine 56-60, M 8 Responses Jun 22, 2012

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I always wanted to go to Italy.

That is wholly true. Other favorites places of mine: Lake Como, Capri Island, Sienna, Verona. I like grappa, Chianti wines, Monteverdi, Michelangelo, Papini, Felini, margueritta, the Alpes, tarantellas, and s.o. And the nice, slim body of the Italian guys, of course.

I agree with you. Italy is a wonderful country. I've been there many times. I visited the "eternal city", I was in La Serenissima Repubblica di San Marco and in South Tyrol. Eventually I want to go there again .... it was a wonderful time. The food is excellent ... most Italians are very friendly and helpful (except the brothers ;-)...)A great country to go for vacation and to enjoy life.

never been to Italy but sound like a great place to visit

Never been but it's on my list of places to go. You have whet my appetite...

Sounds beautiful man. It is on my list of places to visit.

Italy is very beautiful. You will enjoy it when you go. The food is different in every region, especially if you like eating simply.

Yes, Italian girls are very attractive and their brothers are very protective.

LOL! How do you know? From personal experiences? ;-)

I like the Italian girls , here in my town there is a very pretty girl who is of Italian descent, I have a desire to give a nibble, but his brother told me that if I approach her give me a beating, but do not fear .