I Only Get Pumpkins From The Most Sincere Pumpkin Patches

I so love the Great Pumpkin special, that for years I had the cast in my front yard every Halloween. (Yes, you see Garfield and Odie there too... LOL) I drew the characters on sheets of plywood and my husband cut them out. I spent hours painting them, as they were such a pivotal part of my childhood.

It may sound strange to some folks, but when I was growing up, (surviving child abuse) the Peanuts characters were like my best friends. They were the kids I wish I could have gone to school with. I really associated with Charlie Brown. I never had a group of friends to trick or treat with, to do after-school activities with, was never invited to parties and only once that I can remember, did we ever host a party, a Halloween party to be exact.

After getting to take my own son trick or treating, getting to decorate the outside of my home for neighborhood kids, carving pumpkins and dressing up as a witch to welcome trick or treaters, I still greatly enjoy the season and holiday.

My son has outgrown the holiday, but I have not! I still decorate, I still buy pumpkins and carve them. It's a special day, when we get to make a trip to the farm to get cornshocks, hay bales and pumpkins. We always rate the farm's sincerity! LOL
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Things are very different from when I was a kid too. Two homes ago, we would get 95 - 110 trick or treaters every year. At the last house we got 65 - 85, but here, we are lucky to get a dozen. <br />
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I've already decided that this year I'm not going to do as much scary stuff.... more Fall-ish then Halloween-ish... LOL But I love the holiday and I miss the spirit of it too. It makes my heart sad for the kids today, for what they are missing out on, I really cherish those memories so very much and am thankful to have had those experiences.

I love Halloween too. I also love Garfield and Odie. I still follow them every day on the web. I used to watch the "Peanuts" specials every year. Even now sometimes I will hear their theme music on a Musak or PA system and it always puts me in a great mood. One time I made up some "ghosts" for yard decorations with luminous paint on clear plastic for a friend's party. I've always loved spooky stuff and always will. <br />
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I remember the fun it used to be to go Trick or Treating. I guess it isn't as safe as it was when I was the age for it; too bad. Today's kids really miss the fun of the experience. I used to do a lot of things for Halloween, but my situation is so different now. I live in an apartment complex, and most Halloweens we're lucky if anyone comes to the door. We usually wind up eating the "treats" ourselves. My friends usually had at least one party during the holiday. Now...I sort of lament those times. I miss the spirit of the holiday, a lot.

I have years of no Halloween built up waiting to explode. i could'nt be conservative if i treid LOL

yikes! I once had little bags of 'snot candy' I handed out... LOL They were gummy candies in random shapes, a greenish color and kind of gooey. LOL I've also handed out bloody eyeballs. They were jawbreakers that looked like bloodshot eyeballs, but when you bit into them, they had red goo inside. <br />
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My husband used to dress like the grim reaper and sit in a chair perfectly still on the porch. He looked 'stuffed'. He would lunge from the chair at teenage trick or treaters and scare them to death! One year, I was a witch welcoming little ones to the porch, hubby was grim reaper and my son was a 'mad doctor' with blood squirted on his scrubs, carrying a bloody chainsaw. Kids RAN off the porch! LOL<br />
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We've had some good times, that's for sure. This year I'm thinking about being a little more conservative in decorating. Gotta love Halloween!!

I know what you mean. There are few things I am looking forward to in going to the city...but halloween is one of them. trick or Treaters ! Excuse to get made up or wear a mask. Deck the house with ghouls...oh yah. maybe I'll make some candy I invented called "brain freeze". Would you like some brain freeze Husky ? LOL it looks like little bits of brain.... muwuhahahaha