Banana Pancakes

i love listening to this song it makes me swoon!! he just makes me happy and also leaves me longing for that someone.. :)
desieyez desieyez
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4 Responses Aug 17, 2007

yeah it was so cool :) but he's on tour all the time you should totally check out one of his concerts. i like elephant by damien rice not sure about rootless tree- i LOVE john butler trio he's what's got me into playing guitars!! i especially love his guitar solos like ocean is really sweet

I am so envious! That's so cool you saw him live!! Lucky you!! Check out the the John Butler trio. Damien Rice's Rootless Tree is excellent too. Happy song hunting!! Peace,J

i saw him perform rodeo clowns and i was like wow! i've heard of damien rice but i haven't heard any of his stuff yet- i'll check him out thanks!

It is a perfect song!! I love Bubbly Toes too and so many others of his. Have you checked him out on Youtube? Try Damien rice too.His song Volcano is killer. Peace,J