I'm A Fan Of Jackie Chan

i like his style of making movies and his sense of humor. acting cool when fighting is great but Jackie doesn't do this and that's what i like about him because it makes him different. he also loves his job and put a whole heart to it.
Mameha Mameha
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 17, 2011

He is a real Kung fu artist. He doesn't mind getting hurt to do his own stunts, he does them confidently and with dicipline and control. His kung fu scenes are my favorite because they are performed with skills that he built up for years and trained at like a true martial artist should. <br />
As for his acting, I like that he can make me laugh, and think he's bad *** when he's being serious. Either way I always enjoy seeing his work.

ahh yes, there are so many positive things about Jackie i forgot to mention that he does his own stunts. i think that's awesome. did you mean shaolin? i've just seen it last night, it was great. his action scenes are brilliant and clever, sometimes hilarious too.. it's great how watching people fighting in movies can make us laugh sometimes lol. Jackie is so unique.