Hep C

Found a friends Fleshlight in the bathroom when I was staying over during a layover. Anyways got out my lube don't do anywhere without it, and started to **********. Felt soooooo good, came several times that night. Anyways cleaned it up and put it back were I found it and caught my flight the next day.
Several weeks later I was feeling tired and sore all the time, so I went in for a check up. Doctor said my skin color was off, so he wanted to do a few tests. A few days later I came in to see him again and he dropped the bomb on me I was Hep C positive. Apparently if you use someone else s sex toy and its a really porous sex toy that has been put away not entirely clean it can transmit Hepatitis c no problem. Anyways sort of dont visit that friend anymore, was a really embarrassing phone call, but had to be sure. So clean your toys, don't share, and take your meds if you do.
butterfaceski butterfaceski
18-21, M
Dec 3, 2012